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Reporter : Yoon Ja-young
Tue, December 6, 2022 | 03:01
Koreans drawn to unhealthy bread
While Koreans are increasing their consumption of bread, they seem to be often drawn to “unhealthy” types rather than healthy ones, according to a research paper that especially warned against Ang-Butter and croissants.
Korea's demographic crisis: Local towns face extinction
With 0.64 babies born per woman, the city of Seoul has the lowest birth rate in the country, and the number of deaths here has already surpassed the number of births. But the population of the capital area is not decreasing, as it continually absorbs more people - especially young people - migrating in from other parts of the country. Meanwhile, an increasing number of small ...
North Korea's leader looks slimmer than ever
North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un, seems to be have reached his lowest weight in at least the past few years.
While foreigners love Korean-style chicken, Koreans say it isn't really Korean: surveys
People overseas pick Korean-style fried chicken as their favorite Korean food, while more than half of the Koreans surveyed do not think it belongs in that category, according to recent polls.
What makes people obese in Incheon's Ongjin County?
Incheon's Ongjin County is a collection of 100 islands known for their fishing villages and remote tourist getaways. But this region is becoming famous for something else: having the highest obesity rate in Korea.
Singles frustrated by Korea's marriage-centric social norms
While an increasing number of Koreans are choosing the single life, they are irritated by social norms centered on married people. They are supposed to offer their married friends gifts for various life events, but without any chance of seeing the same come back to them.
Court rules refugees eligible for public rental housing
Foreign nationals who have refugee status in Korea have the same right to apply for public rental housing as Korean nationals, according to a local court ruling.
Expert criticizes Korea's college entrance exam for being too difficult
An education expert who previously administered the country's annual college entrance exam said that that test should be scrapped, as it now only has excessively tricky questions that go beyond what's taught in high school classes.
20,000 won for fried chicken: Consumers complain over price hikes by chicken franchises
With chicken franchises hiking prices steeply recently, consumers are expressing their frustration that the popular food is now far too expensive for many.
Support for eccentric presidential hopeful nearing 5%
A presidential hopeful who has been known for his seemingly unrealistic pledges as well as his eccentric remarks and behaviors is seeing his support rate surge. He is asking for more support so that voters can see him in a major presidential debate with the candidates of the two main parties.
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