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Reporter : Yoon Ja-young
Tue, October 4, 2022 | 12:51
Connecting railways must for inter-Korean cooperation
With South Korea and North Korea likely heading toward peace and economic cooperation, connecting railways is likely to be the first move. Analysts explain that South Korea, which has been virtually an island, will see new doors opening up by being connected to the huge Eurasian continent.
Offline retailers forced to close shops
Lotte Department Store is planning to sell its Anyang branch, a first for the country's top department store chain to completely sell a shop. As shoppers shift from offline to online, it is considering similar plans for other underperforming branches, leading to speculation Korea may also soon witness the closedowns of brick-and-mortar shops as seen in other developed countries.
Investors bet on construction and railway shares
The peaceful mood between South Korea and North Korea has pulled up prices of stocks that are expected to benefit from bilateral economic cooperation. Analysts, however, advise that investors had better confirm visible increases in corporate profits first.
Samsung Tomorrow Teacher shares e-learning knowhow with Asian teachers
A group of foreign education policymakers from Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) member countries recently came to Seoul to participate in the APEC E-learning Program. The program was launched in 2005 to narrow the knowledge and information gap between the APEC member countries and help them improve their education policies.
Lobby for employers reeling under President Moon
The Korea Employers Federation (KEF), which irked the Moon Jae-in administration by opposing its labor-oriented economic policies, is continuing to struggle. Its headquarters was searched as a part of an investigation into Samsung Electronics' alleged moves to prevent the creation of a union at the company; which it saw as perplexing as the raid coincided with the KEF chairma...
Agoda ordered to revise unfair refund policies
The country's corporate overseer plans to “order” Agoda to revise its unfair refund policy as it didn't take proper action regarding a previous recommendation.
Companies study N. Korea for biz opportunities
As South and North Korea head toward peace, more businesses are trying to learn about the North. Construction companies, which are expecting mega-scale infrastructure investment projects in the country, are especially interested in learning more.
Home plus introduces Roncadin Pizza at online mall
Amid explosive growth of the frozen pizza market, the country's leading retail outlet operator Home plus has joined the battle with pizza sourced from Italy.
'Korail, SR should be run separately for users'
The government's move to integrate the country's high-speed train operators is leading to concern it is overlooking the consumer benefits that have greatly increased thanks to competition between the two players.
Dongsuh Foods opens 'Maxim Plant' for coffee aficionados
Dongsuh Foods is opening a cultural center for coffee lovers where they can find happiness with a cup of coffee.