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Reporter : Yoon Ja-young
Mon, December 4, 2023 | 22:19
NPS drifting without chief fund manager
The National Pension Service (NPS), which has the key mission of managing the retirement fund for the country's 21.2 million subscribers, is drifting as its chief fund managers are resigning.
Korea faces uphill battle in winning Saudi nuclear deal
Korea is seeking cooperation with the United States and the United Arab Emirates to secure a nuclear power plant deal in Saudi Arabia. However, it is expected to face an uphill battle as the Middle Eastern kingdom included all five bidders in its shortlist; and the Moon Jae-in administration's shift from nuclear to renewable energy will work against Korea. The Ministry of Tra...
FTC to rein in profiteering by holding firms
The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) plans to rein in how holding companies of the nation's large business groups make money as they “abuse” loopholes in the current system to enrich the pockets of controlling families.
Daegu Bank suffers from leadership void
DGB Daegu Bank is expected to continue suffering from a leadership vacuum as its CEO designate withdrew his nomination.
Refiners, steelmakers hit with steep CO2 emissions cut
The government's plan to revise its roadmap for decreasing greenhouse gas emissions is weighing on industries. Analysts say local businesses are more vulnerable to the plan since they are mostly big-energy consumers concentrating on exports. While acknowledging that the country has to join the global efforts to cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, businesses complain the government is putting too much pressure on them without sufficient preparation time.
Transport ministry delays decision on Jin Air
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport delayed its decision on Jin Air, whether to cancel its license or not. The transport minister Kim Hyun-mee had vowed to come up with the decision quickly, but failed to keep her promise.
Firefighters appreciate Samsung's thermal camera
Firefighters jump into flames risking their lives to save someone; but the heroes also have much fear of them. Due to thick smoke and darkness, they often rely only on voices to find survivors and the rescue often ends in failure, threatening the safety and lives of the firefighters themselves. Thermal imaging cameras are thus essential, enabling them to see people in thick s...
KRC chief vows to promote social value of rural areas
Korea Rural Community Corp. (KRC) President Choi Kyu-sung vowed to realize the social value of rural areas, Thursday, and to reform the organization's business activities and structure. “At my inauguration, I promised to put the public interest as a top priority. I have continued communicating with residents, local governments and our employees to find the right solutions,” h...
Hyundai Oilbank's mobile lab to guarantee oil quality
Hyundai Oilbank opened its “mobile lab” to guarantee fuel quality at gas stations. According to the petroleum and refinery company, the mobile lab travels in a one-ton truck. It has nine kinds of advanced devices for examining both quality and quantity of diverse fuels such as gasoline and diesel. Despite its array of equipment enabling various tests, it boasts mobility thank...
Foodpolis seeks globalization of Korean sauces
Korea boasts a variety of healthy sauces but manufacturers here have made little progress in advancing overseas. Foodpolis, or the National Food Cluster, held an international symposium Wednesday, with experts from Spain, Japan and Korea participating to share their views on the globalization of Korea's sauce industry through innovation.