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Mon, September 25, 2023 | 22:40
NPS suffering from falling investment return
The National Pension Service (NPS), which manages the 635 trillion won retirement fund of its 21.2 million subscribers, is suffering from falling investment return. An internal crisis which led to the absence of top fund managers is behind the poor performance, adding to the concern of subscribers who have left their life after retirement in their hands.
Economy heading toward 'stagnation'
Diverse economic indicators are looking bad, adding to concerns that the economy may be heading toward stagnation. The economic control tower, however, is in a dilemma as both monetary and fiscal policies are facing restrictions.
Moon shifts to 'inclusive growth' strategy
President Moon Jae-in has been beleaguered by economic policies as they have failed to achieve the intended outcome of creating more jobs and supporting those in low-income brackets.
Pension fund to wield bigger influence on corporate management
The National Pension Service (NPS) will be allowed to participate in the management of firms in which it has invested to ensure that the companies do not damage corporate or shareholder value. The measure is aimed at enhancing transparency in corporate management while improving investment returns for the pension funds, but businesses are showing concerns it will hamper their...
High-priced real estate faces heavier taxes
People owning multiple homes or high-priced real estate will face an increase in taxes as part of a tax code revision unveiled by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Monday. Also, those who avoid taxes by transferring income or wealth overseas will be subject to heavy penalties.
Soaring eating-out costs weigh on households
Kang, an office worker in Gangnam, southern Seoul, has been refraining from eating out for lunch. He instead goes to the company cafeteria.
Government's price control distorts inflation
The government is increasing price controls on goods and services to curb inflation, but it often ends up hindering itself from taking the right monetary policies, a report showed Sunday.
Golden years losing luster: Koreans forced to work after retirement
Traveling, following hobbies or volunteering. These are typical activities most people dream of doing after retirement, but they seem to be out of reach for many Koreans. A majority of them continue working after their official retirement age due to the poor social safety net coupled with early retirement.
Rural activist promotes traditional alcohols
Kyeong Ki-ho, who runs Sejong Brewing jointly with his wife in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, introduces himself as a rural activist. He led a campaign to develop underdeveloped rural communities while living in Goesan, North Chungcheong Province, but had to leave as it lacked an education infrastructure for his children.
Workers suffer from 'stagflation'
At the same time as economic growth is losing momentum, consumers are facing heavier inflationary pressures from global oil price hikes, and the record heat wave. The situation is bad, with stagflation for low-income households setting in as their disposable income has decreased, and economists fearing that the economy may fall into a vicious cycle. Stagflation is a deadly co...