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Reporter : Yoon Ja-young
Sat, January 28, 2023 | 21:38
Late Samsung chairman's house up for sale
The residence of late Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee / Screenshot from Kakao Map's Road ViewBy Yoon Ja-youngThe residence of late Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee is up for sale. As the bereaved family is subject to inheritance taxes of more than 12 trillion won ($10.6 billion), the money is expected to be used to pay off these.According to a report by Chosun Biz, the h...
High-speed train project raising housing prices, conflict
The high speed train GTX project that aims at stabilizing the housing market is triggering a housing price hike. Residents of various locations are demanding that the train should stop in their town while opposing the building of additional stations in neighboring towns.
Aged farming population prompts shift in local produce
An increasing number of Seongju farmers are giving up this profitable Oriental melon due to their age. As the older generation of farmers become weaker each year, they are finding it harder to bend over and squat to cultivate and harvest the fruit that grows in sprawling ground vines. Instead, these melon farmers are increasingly switching to Shine Muscat, an increasingly pop...
Baby boomers change image of senior citizens in Korea
Senior citizens in Korea are healthier, wealthier, more active and confident than ever. If elderly people were typically depicted as passive and dependent, suffering from poverty, the new generation of senior citizens gives off a different image.A woman surnamed Roh, who runs a small hardware shop with her husband in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, lived under the same ...
High school junior found dead after being accused of cheating
A high school junior has been found dead after pleading her innocence when a teacher accused her of cheating on an English assessment test.
Where have all the 50,000 won bills gone?
Fifty-thousand won bills, Korea's largest cash denomination, are disappearing. Many are believed to be held by individuals amid uncertainties over the economy. According to the Bank of Korea, 6.32 trillion won worth of 50,000 won ($45) notes were issued in the first quarter of this year. However, the 50,000 won bills that have been collected by the bank during the same period...
Kim Jong-un calls K-pop 'vicious cancer': report
A recent media report that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un defined K-pop as a “vicious cancer” is shedding spotlight on the regime's culture war.
Homeowners fiercely protest housing supply policy
The government's plan to build new apartments on state-owned land to stabilize housing prices is facing fierce opposition by homeowners nearby. Some of them are even trying to recall their mayors for “not doing enough to stop the plan.” As the government has succumbed to their pressure and scrapped hastily made plans, the situation is triggering fears that its creation of sup...
Snowballing tax burden weighing on future generations
While Korean households are facing low economic growth and stagnant incomes as a new normal, their tax burden has been increasing steeply due to both extraordinary government spending on pandemic countermeasures and its overall expansion of social welfare policies. Economists warn that the tax burden will only snowball for future generations even after the pandemic as the cou...
South Korea refrains from commenting on Kim Jong-un's apparent weight loss
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appears in a news report by North Korea's KCTV on June 5. YonhapBy Yoon Ja-youngThe Ministry of Unification has refrained from commenting on a recent media report that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appears to have lost weight ― news that sparked speculation about his health.According to Yonhap News Agency in Seoul, a ministry official told re...