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Sat, January 28, 2023 | 22:49
Is it safe to go to hospitals during pandemic?
Park, a high school student living at a small town in rural area, tried to go to an emergency room due to his high fever of 41 degrees Celsius. But the hospital refused to let him in, instead suspecting that he had COVID-19, and instructed him go to a bigger hospital. His parents then had to drive more than three hours to the emergency center of a university hospital in Seoul...
Discussion continues over extending the retirement age
As the country finds itself with an aging population, the government is exploring ways to keep senior workers in the labor force. But it is looking into various options and treading carefully as an abrupt, one-sided extension of the legal retirement age will likely face backlash from younger workers as well as jobseekers.
Politicians show wrong examples of wearing facial masks
Politicians and other influential figures wearing facial masks inside out, including clockwise from top left, former Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae and Rep. Lee Kwang-jae of the Democratic Party of Korea, Rep. Hong Joon-pyo of the People Power Party, and Prosecutor General Kim Oh-soo / Korea Times fileBy Yoon Ja-youngSome of the country's most influential politicians at the cent...
One in three Seoulites have sexless life: study
One out of three adults in Seoul lived a sexless life over the past one year, a recent study shows. The ratio of those not having sex has increased threefold from 20 years ago, and it is especially high among men in their 20s.
North Korea's young generation becomes headache for Kim Jong-un
For North Korea's young leader Kim Jong-un, his peers increasingly seem to be becoming his biggest headache. Having experienced a market economy and foreign cultures while growing up, unlike their parents, they don't think they owe anything to the regime. “Just like South Korea, there is generation gap in North Korea. If the Korean War is the landmark in South Korea that divi...
Teenagers showing off about apartments on social media amid surging house prices
A new trend among Korean teenagers on social media is to introduce themselves as residents of fancy apartments - even when that is not true. Experts say it reflects a deep-rooted sense of social hierarchy, highlighted by surging property prices over the past few years.
Sleeping longer hours correlates with IQ: study
If you are one of those parents making your children sit up late doing homework, you'd better think again. A study revealed that children sleeping longer hours tend to have higher IQs.
Hundreds gather for water gun fight at Everland despite virus worries
Hundreds of people gathered for water gun fights at Everland, the country's largest theme park, as more people are loosening up on social distancing measures. Experts warn that wet masks will not protect wearers against transmission of COVID-19.
People line up to buy Chanel bags on rumors of price hikes
People are lining up in front of Chanel stores upon rumors that there will be price hikes next month. Luxury brands, including Chanel, have usually raised prices steeply after such rumors ― which is suspected to be one of their business tactics.
300,000 won penalty for failing to recycle transparent water bottles separately
Transparent PET bottles are seen in the recycling bin of an apartment complex in Sejong City. Some of them still have labels on them, which should have been removed. Korea Times photo by Yoon Ja-youngBy Yoon Ja-youngPeople living in apartments need to be more careful when recycling. If they fail to comply with proper plastic recycling regulations, they could face a fine of up...