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Reporter : Yoon Ja-young
Fri, August 12, 2022 | 06:12
Criminals using cryptocurrency for Ponzi style fraud
Amid the virtual currency investment boom in Korea, cryptocurrency-related fraud cases have been increasing. The scammers, in many cases, lure investors with the promise of huge returns once their coins are listed on the exchange, but then disappear with the money, in a type of Ponzi scheme.
Gov't to change expiration date label rule to decrease food waste
What would you do if you found out that a few days had passed from the expiration date printed on a milk package you purchased? Some people would probably just dump the milk, thinking it has already gone bad. Experts, however, say unopened milk that has been in the refrigerator would be just fine - even after a month in most cases. The government is thus planning to overhaul ...
350-won ice cream to disappear from convenience stores
Convenience stores have long been selling ice cream products at prices as low as 350 won (31 cents) to attract consumers, but soon they will disappear from the freezers. Due to backlash from wholesalers who control over half of the ice cream product distribution in the market, convenience stores will scrap the low-price promotions.
Koreans rank 2nd in Asia on TOEIC scores
Koreans ranked second in Asia last year in terms of TOEIC scores, with only Filipinos doing better than them in the English capability test. According to the Korea TOEIC Committee, Koreans scored on average 683 points - on a scale of 10 to 990 - in last year's TOEIC, which is five points higher than the previous year. TOEIC, or Test of English for International Communication,...
Illicit drugs detected in wastewater
Illicit drugs, including methamphetamine, were detected in wastewater nationwide, implying that they may be in wider use than previously thought. The estimated per capita consumption, however, is still far lower than the figures in Australia or the EU, which have been monitoring their wastewater since a few years ago.
'Super blood moon' eclipse to embellish sky
There will be a rare event in the sky Wednesday night (KST), in which a large “supermoon” will undergo a total lunar eclipse and appear red. According to the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, people here will see the biggest full moon of this year. As the full moon coincides with it being at its closest to the Earth, around 357,000 kilometers away, it will appear l...
Man jailed for fake restaurant reviews
A man who was paid by restaurants to write positive reviews for them has been sentenced to 10 months in prison. The man, who runs an internet marketing agency, left reviews with comments such as, “It was delicious,” without even eating the food. From September 2017 to May 2020, restaurant owners agreed to pay him 300,000 won each for 100 reviews.
Six Asiatic black bear cubs born in Jirisan National Park this year
Those planning to go hiking in Jirisan National Park this summer may run into Asiatic black bear cubs born there this year. According to the Ministry of Environment and the Korea National Park Service, four adult female Asiatic black bears gave birth to a total of six cubs this year. They confirmed the existence of the cubs through cameras installed in and around the hibernat...
1 in 4 college students investing in cryptocurrency
Amid the cryptocurrency craze, many college students in the country bet their hard-earned money from their part-time jobs on cryptocurrency and have experienced losses with some even suffering from a range of related psychological issues. According to a survey on 1,750 college students by Alba Heaven, a part-time job information provider, 23.6 percent were investing in crypto...
Sejong City apartments turn into 'jackpot' for gov't workers
A special housing supply program for government workers relocating to Sejong City has turned into a “jackpot,” guaranteeing them hundreds of millions of won in profit. Amid a backlash from other Sejong City residents who are suffering from soaring housing prices, the government is facing pressure to thoroughly overhaul the program. The relocation of the central government to ...