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Reporter : Yoon Ja-young
Sat, January 28, 2023 | 21:42
Sri Lankan worker dies in industrial accident after working 18 consecutive hours
A Sri Lankan worker at a plastic manufacturing factory in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, died in an industrial accident. He had been working for 18 consecutive hours to meet a deadline.
How to save energy while using air conditioning
As air conditioners are being left on for most of the day due to the current heat wave, there comes the perennial concern over electricity bills. Some people are using their own tactics, such as turning off the air conditioner when it reaches the temperature they want, or using the dehumidifier mode to reduce power consumption, but not all of them are helpful.
Increasing Chinese property purchases concern Koreans
Chinese buyers are increasing real estate purchases in Korea, leading to concerns among some Koreans who are suffering from soaring housing prices. According to data from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport submitted to Rep. Hong Seok-joon of the main opposition People Power Party, foreigners owned 157,489 real estate properties as of 2020, which is 2.2 times m...
Obama to appear on Korean TV program
Former U.S. president Barack Obama will appear on a Korean TV program for the first time. The program's producer said that it took a few months of effort to make the appearance happen.
Some presidential candidates want compulsory military service for women
Some presidential candidates, from both the liberal ruling and conservative opposition parties, are saying that they will introduce mandatory military service for women.
MMA fighter saves neighbors from wild dog attack
A professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter used his skills to save his neighbors from being attacked by a dog that pounced on a smaller one that was being taken for a walk. The small dog was mauled to death, but the MMA fighter pinned down the attacking dog and saved 10 residents, including the owner of the little pooch, from injury.
Social distancing, minimum wage hike drive small businesses to brink
With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing for more than a year now, there seems to be no way out for small business owners. The recent re-imposition of strengthened social distancing measures amid a fourth wave of the pandemic, and the increase in the minimum wage, are adding to their concerns. “Most of the evening customers used to come in groups of three or four. I have been ma...
What happens to clothing when it is thrown away?
When we throw away clothes that we don't need into the clothing donation bin, we believe we are helping someone in need. Those clothes, however, are more likely to end up contaminating the land and water of developing countries across the ocean, a documentary TV program showed.
Is air-conditioning making people sick?
It seems that life without air conditioners is now unimaginable in Korea, where summers are getting hotter every year. Many people, however, are suffering from a range of symptoms, such as headaches and fatigue, which appear to be side effects of the exposure to too much air-conditioning. In Korea this condition is called “naengbangpyeong” and is often translated here as “air...
Overburdened by work: Koreans on average spend only 3.7 days on summer break
Korean workers have on average less than four days of summer break this year. While employees of bigger companies tend to enjoy longer breaks of five days or more, those hired by small businesses mostly spend only three days or less.