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Reporter : Yoon Ja-young
Sat, January 28, 2023 | 23:09
Mirae Asset Global Investments' solid performance highlighted amid economic slump
Despite the deteriorating economic outlook worldwide, Mirae Asset's global business has proven its competitiveness especially in times of crisis.
Financial sector New Year's greeting
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance Choo Kyung-ho, fourth from left, talks with Korea Federation of Banks Chairman Kim Gwang-soo, third from left, at the New Year's meeting of the financial sector leaders held at Lotte Hotel in downtown Seoul, Tuesday. At the meeting, Choo asked the finance industry to play an active role to lessen difficulties faced by ...
13% of Koreans unable to save money: survey
Setting a financial target is the first step to prepare for a better future, but three out of 10 Koreans say doing so is a luxury they can't afford. Thirteen percent of Koreans find it impossible to save anything as their expenses exceed their incomes, a report showed.
Tesla stock plunge causes sense of despair among Korean investors
The steeply plunging stock prices of Tesla have Korean small investors who bet the majority of their fortunes on the global electric vehicle automaker in tears. Tesla fell 11.4 percent on Tuesday, closing at $109.1, on media reports that it plans to reduce output in Shanghai, China.
2023 calendars issued by banks gain popularity on secondhand market
With the New Year coming, it is time to replace 2022 calendars and diaries with new ones. There used to be plenty of free calendars and diaries around this time of the year, but that isn't the case anymore. Calendars issued by banks, which are especially popular among Koreans, are now hard to obtain and are being traded on the secondhand market.
Tax agency reveals names of tax evaders, delinquents
The National Tax Service (NTS) disclosed the names of 6,940 tax delinquents and 47 tax evaders. On the list of tax delinquents is rapper Dok2, who is known for his extravagant lifestyle. The mother of star actor Jang Keun-suk was also included in the list of tax evaders.
Pediatricians look for jobs elsewhere as Korea's birthrate declines steadily
A friend of mine who is a pediatrician plans to quit her job at a local university hospital. She says she intends to prepare for the U.S. medical licensing examination and move to America. She will have to do her residency again, giving up all of her accomplishments as a clinical professor here. Nevertheless, she says she will have no regrets.
Korea to collaborate with Vietnam, Cambodia on tax policy
The National Tax Service (NTS) is planning to collaborate closely with the tax agencies of Vietnam and Cambodia to tackle problems such as international double taxation faced by Korean firms operating overseas.
Procurement market offers launch pad for businesses to leap forward as global players
Procurement markets overseas offer huge opportunities for businesses to grow into global players, but many of them have been hesitant due to high entry barriers. The Public Procurement Service (PPS) has been accompanying businesses to successfully enter the blue ocean market, and help their exports rise to record highs in the first quarter.
Dunamu holds ESG management committee meeting
Dunamu, the operator of the country's largest cryptocurrency exchange, Upbit, held its first environment, social and corporate governance (ESG) management committee meeting on Monday.
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