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Reporter : Kim Yoo-chul
Mon, September 20, 2021 | 13:16
GM reaffirms LG's parts quality
A few days after the launch of LG Magna e-Powertrain, a joint venture between LG Electronics and Canada's Magna International, General Motors reaffirmed the product quality of LG Innotek.
Coupang set to begin operation in Singapore
Coupang is set to begin operating in Singapore, as the NYSE-listed entity is said to have completed the hiring of senior executives in the Southeast Asian country, sources and officials said Friday.
Hyundai Motor to shift toward tech investment in US
After reports that the “American Jobs Plan” will exclude measures for granting direct subsidies for electric vehicles (EVs), Korea's Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) said Wednesday it will closely consider investing more in technology in the United States.
LG's 'bromance' with Apple intact
In business, chief competitors are basically frenemies, as seen in the complicated Samsung-Apple partnership. Samsung needs Apple as the iPhone designer orders lots of components, while Apple also needs Samsung as it can reliably produce lots of semiconductors for its gadgets.
Vietnam vaccine fund wins Samsung, SK backing
The Vietnamese government is facing an alarming spike in COVID-19 infections and top Korean firms, which operate in the Southeast Asian country, are actively responding Hanoi's apparent request to join its vaccine fundraising drive.
Naver withdraws bid for eBay Korea stake
Naver, the country's dominant web portal, has decided to drop out of a high-profile bid to acquire a stake in eBay Korea.
Continued monetary easing causes asset price hike: Bank of Korea
The continued monetary easing policy has resulted in rapid asset price gains especially in the real estate sector, the country's central bank said, stressing the need for the “normalization of monetary policy.”
GM says labor unrest to corner Korean business
Senior management officials at General Motors (GM) headquarters warned labor representatives of GM Korea several times that repeated factory closures due to labor disputes will force the Korean unit to encounter a very difficult situation in terms of allocating new electric vehicle (EV) orders.
Kim Bom-seok steps down from Coupang board
Kim Bom-seok, founder of Coupang, decided to step down from the board of the company in order to spend more time on developing its business overseas, the company said, Thursday.
Shinsegae to acquire eBay Korea for $3.9 bil.
U.S. e-commerce giant eBay has chosen retail conglomerate Shinsegae as the new owner of eBay Korea, which has been up for sale since last year.
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