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Wed, December 6, 2023 | 13:12
[INTERVIEW] Meet Kyler Niko, songwriter behind K-pop hits by TXT, Le Sserafim
London-based songwriter Kyler Niko's childhood dream was to become a singer.The long-standing dream of the talented boy - who wrote his first song, “Weightless,” when he was 14 - almost came to fruition when one of the world's biggest labels at the time found him and said he had the looks, voice, and songs they had been searching for.
ZB1 from 'Boys Planet' begins journey to make K-pop history
ZEROBASEONE (ZB1), a project boy group consisting of the nine winners from the 2023 audition program, “Boys Planet,” is undeniably one of the most anticipated K-pop acts this year. It garnered 1 million followers on Instagram only six days after opening its official account and racked up more than 1 million pre-orders for its debut album, “Youth in the Shade” in just 13 days....
Boy group INFINITE to release new album after five years
K-pop boy band INFINITE is poised to put out a new album on July 31, about five years after the release of its previous album, “Top Seed” in 2018.
[INTERVIEW] Now it's rookie boy band 8TURN's turn to 'Excel'
How is the Korean dish budae jjigae (or “army base stew”) similar to K-pop boy group 8TURN? At a glance, the popular stew - made with canned ham, sausages, vegetables, baked beans, instant noodles, kimchi and gochujang (red chili paste) - seems irrelevant to the fledgling K-pop act that just arrived on the music scene.
2PM member Nichkhun's first Hollywood film to hit theaters
“The Modelizer,” a rom-com marking the Hollywood debut of Thai K-pop star Nichkhun, will be released in North America, July 14.
PSY's Summer Swag show kicks off with a bang
Most global audiences associate PSY with his 2012 viral hit, “Gangnam Style.” But for his Korean followers, the 45-year-old is not just Gangnam Style's singer, but a born performer with tireless energy who cools them off with his Summer Swag show every summer.
BTS ARMY most loyal fandom in US: survey
K-pop titan BTS' global fan base, ARMY, is the most devoted fandom in the U.S., according to a recent survey conducted by local travel information provider Upgraded Points. It asked 3,192 Americans how far they would travel to see their favorite stars and how much they would pay to attend their concerts.
INFINITE's Sungkyu returns with summer anthem 'Small Talk'
In the eyes of Sungkyu, the leader of the K-pop boy group INFINITE, many people today find themselves trapped in loneliness despite being surrounded by crowds. That is why he released "Small Talk," an ode to those who strive to overcome isolation and find someone with whom they can truly open their hearts.
[INTERVIEW] K-pop act WEi goes into 'Overdrive'
Music streaming charts in June and July are often dominated by uplifting summer bangers. While many of them go unnoticed due to cutthroat competition, K-pop boy group WEi's 2021 release “Bye Bye Bye” recently gained belated recognition after being selected as the No. 1 song deserving public attention in a recent survey conducted by the fandom app StarPlay.
Are K-pop concerts too expensive?
Do Hee-yeon, an ardent K-pop fan in her 20s, recently spent 471,000 won ($361) to attend three concerts held by boy band SHINee. It is common for K-pop lovers to purchase tickets for a series of concerts by the same group, as they can catch a rare glimpse of their favorite stars while enjoying their riveting performances.
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