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Reporter : Kim Rahn
Tue, February 27, 2024 | 10:17
CICI recognizes changes in global awareness of Korea
Participants at the 2023 Korea Image Awards, bestowed by the Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI) to people who help promote the nation's image abroad, unanimously said global awareness of Korea has significantly changed - in a positive way - over the last 20 years.
NewJeans under attack from Chinese online users for promoting traditional Korean paper 'hanji'
K-pop rookie girl group NewJeans has faced malicious comments from Chinese online users after promoting Korea's traditional paper “hanji” and its papermaking technique. Chinese users claim “cultural appropriation” by saying Korea is trying to “steal” its traditional culture because China invented paper, while Korean users counter the claim by saying the group did not claim pa...
Oldest Hangeul letter to be granted 2nd-highest cultural heritage status
An over-500-year-old letter written in Hangeul will be designated as a treasure as it shows the use of the Korean alphabet in the late 15th century, only decades after its development, according to the Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA), Friday.
6 in 10 Koreans go to movies, plays, concerts in 2022: survey
Nearly six in 10 Koreans have enjoyed movies, plays and music concerts by visiting theaters and performance venues in 2022 as the COVID-19 pandemic ebbed and most social distancing measures were lifted, according to a survey by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Thursday. The survey showed 58.1 percent of 10,136 people aged 15 or over went to movies, plays, art exhi...
Actor Song Joong-ki dating British woman
Actor Song Joong-ki is in a relationship with a British woman, his agency confirmed, Monday. HighZium studio said the 37-year-old has been in a relationship for about a year after a friend introduced them to each other. “Song is having a good relationship with the woman,” the agency said. “We have nothing more to say about them.”
'Avatar' sequel sells over 5 million tickets in 12 days
“Avatar: The Way of Water” has sold over 5 million tickets in Korea as of Sunday, at a faster pace than the 2009 original. The sequel to the sci-fi blockbuster, “Avatar,” had amassed some 5.37 million filmgoers as of 7 a.m. on Christmas Day, the 12th day since its release on Dec. 14, according to the Korea Film Council.
'Decision to Leave' makes Academy Awards' shortlist for international feature film
Director Park Chan-wook's Cannes-winning film “Decision to Leave” has been included on the shortlist for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the list, Wednesday (local time), for 15 films of the category, after reviewing candidates from 92 countries.
[2022 top culture news] Korean wave reaches dizzying new heights
An expanded global presence - this may best describe Korea's culture and art scene in 2022, as a wider sphere of cultural fields has been in the international spotlight. These achievements were embodied in the many firsts and accolades bestowed at internationally acclaimed cultural festivals, including Korea's and Asia's first win at the Emmy Awards with “Squid Game,” a Korea...
BTS medal, stamp to be released to mark 10th anniversary of debut
A commemorative medal and a postage stamp for K-pop giant BTS will be issued in the first half of 2023, according to the Korea Minting, Security Printing and ID Card Operating Corp. (Komsco) and Korea Post, respectively. On Friday, Komsco showcased a medal celebrating the boy band's 10th anniversary since its debut next year.
Korean content promotion center opens in Indonesia
A center where visitors can experience Korean products related to hallyu, or the Korean wave, has opened in the capital of Indonesia. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said, Friday, it is launching the promotion center named KOREA 360 inside Lotte Shopping Avenue, a shopping mall in Jakarta, on Saturday.
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