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Reporter : Nam Hyun-woo
Wed, March 29, 2023 | 16:48
Yoon kicks off UAE visit to promote power plant, arms exports
ABU DHABI ― President Yoon Suk Yeol arrived in Abu Dhabi Saturday (local time), on the first leg of his eight-day tour to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Switzerland, to promote Korea's arms and power plant exports. Yoon became the first Korean leader to make a state visit to the Middle Eastern country.“ Recently, the scope of cooperation between Korea and the UAE has expa...
Main opposition leader urges president to sit down for talks
Main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) Chairman Lee Jae-myung claimed that the Yoon Suk Yeol administration is “destroying the opposition” and warned that “state affairs will continue to be in shambles and remain in a state of crisis” unless the ruling bloc accepts the opposition as a counterpart of conversation.
S. Korea, US to conduct joint drills to respond to N. Korean nuclear attack
South Korea and the U.S. will conduct a joint military drill next month to deal with a possible North Korean nuclear attack. The exercise is part of the two countries' efforts to carry out extended deterrence. The defense ministry announced the exercise during a policy briefing to President Yoon Suk Yeol, Wednesday, pledging to focus on building an “overwhelming response capa...
Prosecution will indict me: opposition leader
Rep. Lee Jae-myung, chairman of the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK), said he was sorry to his fellow DPK lawmakers and supporters late Tuesday evening after being quizzed at the prosecutors' office.“I'm sorry for keeping you waiting here,” he told DPK members who were waiting for him for several hours outside the Seongnam branch of the Suwon District Prosecuto...
Yoon wavers on pledges for small government
Even before he took office, President Yoon Suk Yeol had been pitching the idea of small government and underscoring that the role of government will be limited so as to empower the private sector to do its part. Tax cuts and deregulation have been proposed in order to meet Yoon's goal of small government. But it seems he has been doing the opposite since his inauguration last...
Opposition refutes claims about secret relations with NK over drone infiltration
The presidential office, the ruling People Power Party (PPP) and the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) are in a battle over the source of a DPK lawmaker's claim that a North Korean drone entered a no-fly zone around the presidential office.
Lawmaker calls China's protest over parliamentary visit to Taiwan 'interference'
Ruling People Power Party (PPP) Rep. Cho Kyoung-tae, Friday, slammed China's protest against a parliamentary delegation's visit to Taiwan, urging Beijing to stop its “presumptuous behavior” of “interfering in (South Korea's) domestic affairs.”
Chinese Embassy protests Korean lawmakers' visit to Taiwan
The Chinese Embassy in Seoul lodged a protest, Thursday, against a Korean National Assembly delegation for its recent visit to Taiwan, stating the trip undermines Korea-China friendship.
Yoon's proposal for electoral system reform stirs debate
Heated debates arose at the National Assembly after President Yoon Suk-yeol floated the idea of altering Korea's electoral system to introduce multiple representatives for electoral districts. Parties are struggling to find alignment as each lawmaker has their own interests depending on their constituency and political stature, lowering the chances of seeing drastic changes i...
S. Korea, US allay jitters over possible rift in extended deterrence against NK
Seoul and Washington tried to dispel what is seen as a rift between the two allies in their stances on extended deterrence to thwart North Korea's nuclear threats. It all began with President Yoon Suk-yeol's remarks during an interview with the Chosun Ilbo daily published on Monday where he was quoted as saying, “South Korea and the U.S. are discussing information sharing, jo...
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