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Fri, January 21, 2022 | 02:15
AIA ramps up green campaign
AIA Korea CMO Hwang Ji-ye, left, and Kim Jin-kon, secretary general of the Seoul Branch for the Community Chest of Korea, hold a sign, Monday, expressing gratitude for AIA Korea's contribution of 100 million won ($83,640) to the non-profit charity organization for the advancement of the life insurer's carbon neutrality drive by 2050. Courtesy of AIA Korea
Bio, entertainment, game shares on decline due to US monetary tightening
Bio, entertainment and game shares are expected to undergo adjustments, as tempered by monetary tightening steps by the U.S. Federal Reserve in a gradual normalization from cheap borrowing conditions long enabled by the COVID-19 pandemic.
LG Energy Solution confident about overtaking CATL
LG Energy Solution (LGES), a wholly owned subsidiary of LG Chem, will be able to dethrone its Chinese competitor, CATL, the global top electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturer, the firm's CEO said Monday.
[Reporter's notebook] Kakao's 'innovation' of management ethics and morals
We judge people. We judge them by their words mostly because it's quicker and easier, unlike actions which can take time to materialize.
Will IPO market lose steam?
A growing number of companies seeking to go public this year are expected to adjust their expectations of immediate windfall gains. The tempered forecasts stem from investor returns on the day of initial public offerings (IPOs) in the fourth quarter of 2021 hitting the lowest level in a year despite the largest number of firms listing on the benchmark KOSPI and junior Kosdaq ...
Korea's militant labor influence to continue
The extremely militant labor unions in Korea are expected to wield an even stronger influence this year, empowered by the National Assembly's Strategy and Finance Committee swiftly pushing forward a bill whereby the boards of state-run organizations will be mandated to include a member representing unions, Wednesday.
Overheated housing market expected to cool in 2022
A rapid increase in housing prices seen over the past few years will undergo adjustments this year, slowed down by tightened mortgage loan rules, heavy real estate taxes for owners of multiple, expensive homes, up to two additional key rate hikes and concerns over market bubbles, according to analysts.
Financial stability top priority for 4 financial heads
The government will closely monitor credit risks amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic-induced heavy borrowing this year, in a preemptive move to strengthen financial stability, certain to deteriorate amid the growing insolvency threat facing vulnerable income groups and industries, the four heads of the financial and monetary authorities said Tuesday in their respective New Yea...
Surging commodity prices pose biggest threat to Korean firms
A sharp rise in global oil prices and the subsequent spike in energy costs will be the biggest threat to export-reliant Korea, as implied by the country's trade balance registering a deficit last month despite record-breaking export volumes over the past year.
Korea expected to see high inflation level continue in 2022
Korea has registered 2.5 percent annual headline consumer price inflation in 2021, which is the highest in 10 years, elevating anticipation over the timing and number of the central bank's key rate hikes, the most broad-based policy measure used to bring under control the faster-than-expected increase in goods and services prices.
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