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Sun, October 1, 2023 | 21:59
Women-only pink parking spaces turn into family-friendly spots
Women-only pink parking spaces in Seoul disappeared, Monday, 14 years after they were first introduced to assist and protect women, replaced by family-friendly spots the following day.
More women over 60 are engaged in economic activities
Growing employment among women and increased economic activity among seniors are transforming societal norms in Korea as more women in their 60s are now participating in the workforce rather than staying at home to handle domestic duties such as caring for grandchildren, recent government statistics showed.
Heavy monsoon rains leave at least 37 dead, 9 missing
Heavy monsoon rains left at least 37 people dead and nine missing in Korea, safety authorities said, Sunday. The downpours, which started Thursday, left a trail of destruction across the country causing floods and landslides that forced over 8,000 people to evacuate.
VisitKorea site rebuilt into integrated travel platform
The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has upgraded its foreign language website,, to an integrated marketing platform in order to boost competitiveness and bring more foreign tourists to the country while helping the local travel industry expand.
Gov't says IAEA report will not affect Korea's Fukushima seafood import ban
Associating Korea's import ban on Fukushima seafood with Japan's wastewater discharge plan is based on an inaccurate premise, the government said, Tuesday. The statement reaffirms the government's stance that the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) report, which confirmed Japan's plan to release radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean is consistent with international...
Calls intensify for legislative ban on dog meat trade
Lawmakers and animal rights advocates joined forces, Monday, to urge the National Assembly to introduce a legislative bill that will permanently end the consumption of dog meat and eliminate the cruel industry. The group of four lawmakers, all of whom are from the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea, one Seoul City councilor and an animal rights advocate delivered their...
Korea University donation ceremony
Koo Ja-yeol, left, chairman of the LS Group board of directors, poses with Korea University President Kim Dong-one during a donation ceremony at the university's Hankook Ilbo Hall in Seoul, Friday. Koo, also chairman of the school's development committee made the donation to the university in celebration of its 120th anniversary. Courtesy of Korea University
[INTERVIEW] Korea's first transgender athlete highlights need for '3rd gender' in sports
CHEORWON, Gangwon Province - In June, Korea saw the historic appearance of the country's very first transgender athlete Na Hwa-rin, a 37-year-old cyclist who competed and won medals at this year's Gangwon Sports Festival in eastern Gangwon Province.
North Jeolla to consider including foreign residents in emergency relief funds
North Jeolla Province will positively consider a recommendation by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) to include foreign residents as recipients of state-funded emergency relief checks, the human rights watchdog said, Friday.
Korea's first corporate lawyer dies at 84
Korea's first corporate lawyer, Hwang Ju-myung, who was a founder and chairman of HMP Law and a former judge, has died. He was 84.
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