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Reporter : Lee Hae-rin
Fri, December 1, 2023 | 13:31
Police to bolster crowd control measures at Halloween festival venues
Police will deploy over 1,000 personnel for crowd control in Itaewon and 15 other areas in Seoul that expect to attract a large number of people celebrating the Halloween weekend, a year after the deadly Itaewon crowd crush that claimed at least 158 lives.
Plastic use for K-pop albums increases 14 times over last 6 years
The amount of plastic used by Korean entertainment companies to manufacture K-pop albums increased by more than 14 times in the last six years, according to an opposition lawmaker, Sunday.
[INTERVIEW] Memories of #MeToo will shape coming generation's worldviews despite ongoing anti-feminist wave
Korea remains a hostile environment for women’s rights amid an intensifying gender divide and ongoing anti-feminist backlash in politics.
Jeju Shinhwa World offers personalized staycations for all
JEJU ISLAND - Korea’s southern resort island of Jeju is renowned for its wonderful natural environment featuring translucent turquoise seas and hiking trails in mountainous and volcanic terrain.
Chinese tourists cry foul after being forced to shop in Korea
Chinese group tourists visiting Korea on package holidays are herded into stores and pressured to pay for optional tour programs by travel guides here, a lawmaker said, Wednesday.
Camping regulation at Han River's picnic areas triggers privacy debate
As growing numbers of people visit parks along the Han River for autumn picnics, Seoul city's current regulation, which forces them to leave two sides of a tent open at riverside picnic areas is sparking debate over privacy concerns.
Korea considers drafting orphans, N. Korean defectors amid population decline
The Military Manpower Administration (MMA) has been considering expanding military conscription to orphans and North Korean defectors to compensate for armed forces personnel shortages and the low birthrate, an opposition lawmaker said Saturday.
98.5% of foreign diplomats involved in crimes in Korea leverage diplomatic immunity to evade charges
Foreign diplomats stationed in Korea, or their family members, have committed some 70 crimes such as driving under the influence (DUI) and theft in the past five years. But 98.5 percent of them enjoyed diplomatic immunity and avoided criminal punishment, an opposition lawmaker said, Friday, calling for the need to overhaul the diplomatic immunity system.
Korea sees 36,000 foreign criminal suspects every year
Korea sees an annual average 36,000 criminal suspects of foreign nationality, a ruling lawmaker said, Thursday. According to statistics that Rep. Chung Woo-taik of the ruling People Power Party obtained from the Korean National Police Agency, the number of foreign criminal suspects over the past five years amounted to 180,162, yielding an annual mean average of 36,032.
K-pop industry enriches Seongsu, 'Brooklyn of Seoul'
Eastern Seoul’s Seongsu-dong is one of the most tagged locations on Instagram and emerging as a trendy must-visit for young people.
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