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Reporter : Lee Hae-rin
Fri, July 1, 2022 | 04:36
Calls rise for strong punishment of man who allegedly killed 19 dogs
Public outrage over a man who brutally tortured and killed 19 dogs is growing, calling for strong punishment and the revealing of his identity. A petition was posted on the Cheong Wa Dae website, Tuesday, calling for sufficient punishment of the man, based on allegations of animal cruelty. It has garnered over 107,000 signatures as of 1 p.m. on Friday.
Urban regeneration projects turn derelict facilities into scenic attractions
Urban regeneration is the process of transforming old buildings and facilities to give them a new form and use. It adds new value to forgotten sites and aims to take an eco-friendly approach to preserving the sites' historical identity and creating a new harmony with its surroundings. For those who are interested in protecting the environment and learning about the country's ...
[Winners of 10th Korea Multicultural Youth Awards] Outstanding middle school students
Lee Yu-rim is in her second year at Hopyeong Middle School, Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province. Born to a Japanese father and a Korean mother, Lee is an exemplary student who developed her linguistic talents with diligence and excels in her academic performance. Lee plays a leading role on her school's student council as the vice president. She helped lead the zero waste challenge ...
[Winners of 10th Korea Multicultural Youth Awards] Outstanding high school students
Born to a Vietnamese mother and a Korean father, Lee Jeong-in is a second grader at Goseong High School, Goseong, Gangwon Province. Having spent her early childhood in Vietnam, Lee put in a lot of effort to develop her multilingual communication skills. She won medals at an annual bilingual speaking competition, two years in a row, in Korean and Vietnamese. Lee displays great...
[Winners of 10th Korea Multicultural Youth Awards] Outstanding volunteer
Born to a German mother and a Korean father, Jo Un-ol is a third grader at Chonbuk Mechanical Technical High School in Iksan, North Jeolla Province. Jo has a keen eye for environmental problems inside and outside of school and offers creative solutions while leading multiple volunteering projects.
[Winners of 10th Korea Multicultural Youth Awards] Outstanding elementary school students
Noh Yeon-kyeong, born to a Vietnamese mother and a Korean father, is a sixth grader at Shinha Elementary School in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province. She was elected as leader of the student representative group of the school and class leader this year. She took action to meet her pledges made during the student council election, such as preparing face masks for those who forget to w...
[Winners of 10th Korea Multicultural Youth Awards] Special awards
Pak Olga is third grader at Kyongil High School of Tourism and Business Management, Ansan, Gyeonggi Province. Born in Uzbekistan, she is a fourth generation of Goryeoin - ethnic Koreans who settled in the Central Asian region over 80 years ago. Pak is proud of her grandfather who fought for Korea's independence while it was under Japan's colonial occupation.
'No Professor Zone' bar in Busan instigates debate on discrimination
A bar near the Pusan National University has discouraged professors from visiting the place due to their alleged hierarchical abuse of power.“For the convenience of other visitors, we ask the regular professors of the Pusan National University to refrain from entering our bar. In case of entry, please do not disclose your profession voluntarily, and loudly,” the bar owner sai...
Court gives suspended sentence to Muslims who placed intimidating flyers on French Embassy
The nation's top court has found two Muslims residing here guilty of intimidation for posting flyers on the wall of the French Embassy in Seoul to protest the country's “anti-Muslim” stance in 2020. The Supreme Court said, Monday, it recently confirmed a lower court decision that issued a suspended prison sentence and of 3 million won ($2,535) to a Russian, 26, and a Kyrgyzst...
Court rules against administrative order to halt mosque construction in Daegu
A local court in Daegu has decided that a district office's administrative measure to halt the construction of a mosque, due to civil complaints, should be annulled because it is unjust and had procedural flaws. The Daegu District Court, Wednesday, ruled in favor of the Islamic community there that has sought to build the Darul Emman Kyungpook Islamic Center - a move that bro...