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Sat, June 3, 2023 | 08:08
Laotian village's timeless beauty, quiet charms entice travelers
LUANG PRABANG - “Here. This is an example of why the town of Luang Prabang was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site: a sublime juxtaposition of Laotian traditional architecture with a Western touch from the colonial era,” said Seo Jeong-seog, a veteran tour guide who has lived in Laos for 10 years. He pointed at the exterior facade of Wat Xieng Thong, or the Temple of t...
Demand for CPR education rises after Itaewon tragedy
“Do any of you know when and where the next earthquake will take place? Can I have a show of hands?” Oh Jung-hwan, a drill instructor at Boramae Safety Experience Center who is also a firefighter with 10 years of experience, said during a disaster education session, Monday. The room filled with dozens of students and office workers remained silent, while some had curious expr...
Korea Airports Corp. eyes deal to expand int'l airport in Laos
LUANG PRABANG - Korea Airports Corp. (KAC), which operates 14 airports nationwide, seeks to sign a partnership with the government of Laos to develop and expand the international airport in Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and enter the Southeast Asian market for airport management.
Laos seeks to acquire Korea Airports Corp.'s ESSG management know-how
VIENTIANE - The Southeast Asian nation of Laos plans to enhance its airport services by implementing Korea's airport management know-how in environment, social, safety and corporate governance sectors and prepare its travel infrastructure for a post-pandemic tourism boom.
Gordon Ramsay's request for extra security on subway causes stir
Celebrity British chef Gordon Ramsey's demeanor during his three-day visit in Seoul from Nov. 9 to 11 for the opening of his signature restaurant created a stir that continues even after he left the country. This time, he was at the center of controversy for his request to add security to his subway commute on Thursday.
Volunteers anonymously tidy up Itaewon memorial as mourning continues
In Itaewon, over a dozen volunteers are walking a fine line between serving the community and paying respect to those who perished during the Halloween celebrations on Oct. 29. Volunteer work is typically something that commands praise. But following the tragic events that took the lives of 157 mostly young people, those who have been around to help maintain the makeshift mem...
Farmers' decades of hard work transform rugged Gangwon terrain into scenic alpine village
GANGNEUNG - As its name suggests, the highland village of Anbandegi, which stands 1,100 meters above sea level in the eastern coastal city of Gangneung, is known for its unique landscape. The name was coined from its distinct topography. Anbandegi is a combination of the Korean word, “anban,” meaning the concave wooden support used when pounding out rice cake dough and “degi,...
Itaewon tragedy sparks debates on digital ethics
Flowers and objects of condolences, including soju bottles, fruit and snacks, are placed at the police line in an alley leading to the site of a deadly crowd accident in central Seoul's Itaewon, Monday. The tragic event claimed 156 lives, including 26 foreign nationals from 14 countries, during Halloween celebrations on Oct. 29. YonhapBy Lee Hae-rinA Gyeonggi Province-based n...
World Cup street cheering events canceled out of respect for Itaewon tragedy
The Korea Football Association (KFA) announced on Friday that it will not host street cheering events for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 games as the nation mourns the death of more than 150 people in a crowd crush that happened in the Itaewon District of Seoul on Halloween weekend.
Gaffes over Itaewon tragedy anger public
While President Yoon Suk-yeol has visited the memorial altar to the victims of the Halloween crowd disaster four days in a row since Monday, the gaffes of his close aides have infuriated the public. Prime Minister Han Duk-soo offered an apology for an inappropriate joke made during a press conference on the Itaewon disaster with foreign reporters at the Korea Press Center, Tu...