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Fri, June 2, 2023 | 04:08
National Assembly votes to impeach interior minister for Itaewon tragedy
The National Assembly on Wednesday approved a motion to impeach Minister of Interior and Safety Lee Sang-min, to hold him accountable for the deadly crowd crush that killed 159 people who gathered in Itaewon to celebrate Halloween on October 29 last year. With the passage of the motion, Lee has been suspended from his duties at the ministry. This is the first time that the Na...
Itaewon tragedy's bereaved families harassed by far-right protesters
Sunday will mark the 100-day anniversary of the Itaewon tragedy of last Halloween. The bereaved families remain agonized, not only from the lack of proper investigation but also by far-right protesters surrounding their mourning site. At the western end of Itaewon-ro, about 400 meters from the site of the tragic crowd crush that took at least 159 lives on Oct. 29, 2022, is a ...
Seoul gov't rejects Itaewon mourning event application for Gwanghwamun Square
Seoul Metropolitan Government did not grant use of Gwanghwamun Square to a group of bereaved families for a mourning event marking the 100-day Itaewon tragedy scheduled this Saturday, citing that the public space had been already granted use for another event.
Korea Times photojournalist wins annual contest with portrait of Sonny's father
Korea Times photojournalist Choi Won-suk won an annual award in a press photo contest hosted by the Korea Press Photographers Association (KPPA), Thursday. Featuring football coach Son Woong-jung, the father of Tottenham Hotspur striker Son Heung-min, the photo, titled, "Football coach Son Woong-jung, 'Modesty is my strength,'" was selected as the picture of the year by a cou...
Seoul, Washington team up to stop NK's cryptocurrency theft
South Korea and the United States have worked closely to shut down North Korea's cryptocurrency networks as the North tried to finance its nuclear and missile programs by deviating from international sanctions, U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Philip Goldberg said Wednesday. He said the two sides made progress since they began discussions last year after the Seoul-Washington su...
Saipanese people pin hopes on tourism boom again
SAIPAN, Northern Mariana Islands - A Saipanese snorkeling guide, who goes by the Korean nickname “Ddung-ddung-yi” (an affectionate term meaning “Chubby” in English) to befriend Korean visitors, spoke in Korean during an expedition program at Saipan's natural cave attraction Grotto, Jan. 12.“Are you scared? No worries. Hold on to Ddung-ddung-yi,” he told a group of Korean tour...
Saipan resort accommodates families, young golfers and partygoers
Coral Ocean Resort Saipan seeks to expand the island's traveler target from families to young golfers and partygoers with a wide range of sports and entertainment facilities to revitalize its pandemic-hit tourism.
Youth, foreign drug offenders increase threefold in 5 years
The number of drug offenders aged 30 or under has increased threefold in five years, as Korea's arrests for narcotic crimes hit an all-time high last year, according to the latest police report. The number of foreign nationals arrested for illegally possessing, trafficking and selling drugs also tripled, mainly from mass administrations at industrial complexes.
Suicidal pedestrian saved over Han River bridge
An anonymous citizen driver and pedestrian have saved the life of a woman who attempted to commit suicide while sitting at the railing of a bridge over the Han River. On Saturday, a YouTube video was uploaded on a channel named “Han Moon-chul TV,” showing a black box video recorded around 1 p.m. on Nov. 12, 2022 at the Seogang Bridge over the Han River in Seoul.
Netflix series 'The Glory' draws focus to real school bullying
The hit Netflix original series, “The Glory,” has motivated the victims of school violence to launch online campaigns to expose past school bullies and seek apologies from them. In Korea, a past school bullying incident that traumatized a then school girl has regained the public's attention through the Netflix series which features a brutal scene adapted from actual events.
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