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Reporter : Lee Hyo-jin
Tue, February 27, 2024 | 00:46
Diplomatic rift overshadows Russian vice foreign minister's secret visit to Seoul
A diplomatic rift between South Korea and Russia over North Korean issues has intensified over the weekend, overshadowing a rare visit by Russian Vice Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko to Seoul which was apparently intended to prevent bilateral relations from worsening further.
No. of new elementary teachers in Seoul hits record low amid declining birthrate
The number of newly recruited teachers for public elementary schools in Seoul this year hit a fresh low of 110 amid the nation's rapidly declining birthrate, according to data from the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, Friday.
Immigration agency plan gains momentum in National Assembly
Legislative efforts for the establishment of a new immigration agency are gaining traction in the National Assembly, marking progress in the government's plan to establish a 'control tower' for handling affairs related to foreign residents.
Drug screening for military conscripts
A pathologist conducts drug screening tests on urine samples at a medical checkup center for military enlistees at the Seoul Regional Military Manpower Administration, Thursday. Starting from July, drug screening will be mandatory for all conscripts amid a rising number of drug crimes among younger generations. Currently, prospective enlistees undergo drug testing only if the...
Possibility of 'big tent' party diminishes
With only 70 days left before the April 10 general elections, the prospect of new political parties uniting under a 'big tent' seems to be fading, as they are discovering more differences than commonalities.
PPP contenders weigh who to align with as elections approach
Politicians from the ruling People Power Party (PPP) who are vying for the upcoming April 10 general elections apparently face a dilemma over whether to align more closely with President Yoon Suk Yeol or the party's interim leader Han Dong-hoon.
[PERSON IN FOCUS] Lee Jun-seok falls back on politics of division to woo young male voters, again
Lee Jun-seok, leader of the Reformist Party and former chairman of the conservative ruling People Power Party (PPP), is in the media spotlight, again, due to his contentious pledges which critics say are highly likely to cause further social divisions, specifically between generations as well as genders.
Foreign ministry criticized for stance on Japan's removal of forced labor victims' memorial stone
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in the hot seat for its lukewarm response to Japan's removal of a memorial stone that was dedicated to Korean victims of wartime forced labor, with observers criticizing the government's passive stance regarding Tokyo's attempt to distort or ignore historical events.
Parties on alert over political violence ahead of elections
After a series of assaults on politicians raised concerns about potential copycat attacks ahead of the April 10 general elections, the police said Monday that they will create a task force with each party to strengthen protections.
S. Korea-Russia relations hit new low following defense minister's remarks on Ukraine aid
South Korea's already-strained relations with Russia have worsened further following Defense Minister Shin Won-sik's remarks on offering 'full support' to Ukraine. Moscow interpreted this as a potential indication of Seoul providing military aid to Kyiv and warned of a 'complete breakdown' of bilateral ties.
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