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Reporter : Jun Ji-hye
Tue, November 29, 2022 | 01:10
Kyung Hee University System's Peace BAR Festival to kick off Friday
The Kyung Hee University System will host the Peace BAR Festival 2021 to mark the 40th U.N. International Day of Peace that falls on Sept. 21. The festival kicks off this Friday under the theme of “No Time to Lose, A Quest for Immediate Action for Planetary Crisis.”
Korea struggles to cope with waste crisis
Waste has long been associated with human activities, with its amount having consistently increased in parallel with economic development. Korea is no exception. According to the Ministry of Environment, the total amount of waste produced in the country has continued to increase, with the latest figure tallied at 497,238 tons per day as of 2019. This was up 11.5 percent from ...
Floral artist seeking to offer unforgettable wedding day to couples
The prolonged COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things in life, including weddings, and this has also affected the design work of Nicolai Bergmann, a world-renowned floral artist. Bergmann says people seem to have become much more connected with their families and friends during the pandemic, as the scale and number of weddings have been limited during this time.
'More than 20,000 passengers have boarded international sightseeing flights'
More than 20,000 passengers have boarded “international sightseeing flights” operated by domestic airlines, which take passengers over other countries and then return to Korea. The special services were launched in December last year to generate profits for airlines and duty-free stores amid the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. Passengers using these flights are given the same du...
Controversy growing over price paid for COVID-19 treatments
The government is working to preemptively secure oral COVID-19 treatments that are expected to be commercialized within the year. The authorities are moving fast, bracing for fierce competition between countries around the world, as seen in the cutthroat race to secure COVID-19 vaccines. The government said closed meetings with a global pharmaceutical company have been held t...
Street vendor suffers burns after customer throws food into boiling oil
A street vendor in Daegu has suffered burns to her right hand, shoulder and chest after a customer threw a hotteok (sweet pancake made from flour, brown sugar and seeds or nuts) into boiling oil after complaining about her refusal to cut it for him. The vendor called for stern punishment of the customer.
4 night-view spots to visit in Seoul
Seoul, the busy and crowded capital of South Korea, has been quieter than ever after 6 p.m. these days, following the government's nighttime curfew on eateries and cafes as a part of heightened social distancing rules amid continued COVID-19 infections. At a time when everyone is asked to refrain from meeting people after work, four places that are ideal to enjoy the Seoul's ...
Fisheries industry suffers migrant labor shortage due to COVID-19 entry restrictions
The fisheries industry here, which has traditionally relied heavily on immigrant workers, is suffering a serious labor shortage due to the government's entry restrictions on countries where workers usually come from - such as Indonesia - amid the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic.
Gov't has long way to go to implement agreement with healthcare workers' union
The government is facing a pile of tasks to implement an agreement it reached with unionized healthcare workers to improve their working conditions amid their worsening burnout and fatigue due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic that began early last year. Though the agreement stopped the workers' plan to go on a general strike, the possibility remains that conflict between th...
Umbrella union under siege
The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) is losing momentum in its struggle against the government, following the arrest of its leader in addition to negative public sentiment against its continued push for large-scale rallies amid persistent concerns over COVID-19 infections.
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