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Reporter : Jun Ji-hye
Thu, February 9, 2023 | 08:45
Hotel Lobby
The Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas is presenting the “All for Picnic” package until the end of May to allow guests to relish both a spring stay and outdoor picnic. The package provides the guests with a chance to maximize their relaxation, offering everything required for an outdoor picnic after a leisurely stay at the hotel. To create an Instagrammable picnic, each of t...
5 out-of-this-world stays for tourists seeking fantasy
For those who have always dreamed of being able to travel into space, the news that a space hotel will open to the world in 2027 means that this fantasy will soon turn into a reality. The Gateway Foundation, based in California, has recently announced its plan to open the first hotel in space, named 'Voyager Station.' The planet-orbiting hotel is set to be constructed by Orbi...
'International sightseeing flights' to depart from Gimpo, Gimhae, Daegu in May
Special flights, which take passengers over other countries and then return to Korea without landing at an overseas destination, will depart from Gimpo, Gimhae and Daegu International Airports, beginning Saturday, according to the Korea Airports Corp. (KAC). The so-called “international sightseeing flights” have so far departed only from Incheon International Airport.
COVID-19 deepens educational polarization at schools
The prolonged COVID-19 pandemic has deepened educational polarization and a decline in the scholastic ability of students due to the significant decrease of in-person classes, according to a recent analysis. A civic group, dedicated to the campaign against private academy-based education, analyzed the academic achievement level at 560 middle schools and 413 high schools acros...
Japan's two-faced attitude to radioactive waste
Japan's recent announcement of a decision to release more than 1 million tons of contaminated water from its wrecked nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean has reminded many people of Russia's use of the seas as a dumping ground for radioactive waste, confirmed in 1993 and something that shocked the international community. What was notable then was that Japan was on the ...
Supreme Court rejects leftist ex-lawmakers' request to restore Assembly seats
The Supreme Court refused a request from five former lawmakers, who belonged to the now-disbanded leftist Unified Progressive Party (UPP), to restore their status as lawmakers, Thursday, upholding an appellate court's ruling issued five years ago. The top court said it was a “logical consequence” to strip the five lawmakers of their seats, as it was required to exclude member...
Hilton Garden Inn to open in Seoul's Gangnam District this summer
The Hilton Garden Inn Seoul Gangnam is set to open this summer to meet the diverse needs of both domestic and international travelers in Seoul. Hilton said it had signed a management agreement with Joon Tower for the Hilton Garden Inn Seoul Gangnam earlier this month, to boost its presence in Korea.
Luxury hotels roll out various promotions for 'family month' of May
While the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic around the world has driven up demand for domestic travel, luxury hotels here have launched a variety of promotions to mark May, which is called “family month” in Korea, to offer guests safe and comfortable family getaways. May holds four important days: Children's Day on May 5, Parents' Day on May 8, Teachers' Day on May 15 and Husband a...
Koreans express fears over Japanese fishery products amid Fukushima water release plan
An increasing number of Korean residents are expressing fears about the potential harmful impact of Japanese fishery products on their health, after the neighboring country announced it would release massive amounts of radioactive water into the sea.
Gov't dismisses fears of COVID-19 vaccine fiasco
The government sought to dismiss concerns over a possible shortage of COVID-19 vaccines and their safety, Monday, in its efforts to meet its goal of achieving herd immunity by November amid growing fears over another wave of infections. President Moon Jae-in urged some critics to refrain from creating exhausting debates on the vaccine, which he claims have caused anxiety amon...