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Reporter : Jun Ji-hye
Wed, October 4, 2023 | 22:38
Move to exempt doctors from punishment for medical errors draws controversy
The government's move to exempt doctors from criminal punishment in case of medical accidents is stirring up arguments. Doctors say such a measure is necessary to make sure they can offer medical services to patients in more stable environment. Objectors criticize this, saying doctors are only aiming to avoid their responsibility.
Who is Kim Hyun-sook?
Minister Kim Hyun-sook is Korea's 10th minister of gender equality and family, and also a tax and pension expert.
[INTERVIEW] Minister tackles complex gender, family challenges
The digital era has made people's lives much more convenient and easier, offering effective communication tools and virtually eliminating borders. But at the same time, the unintended dark sides of information technology, such as surveillance and declining privacy, are causing grave problems for many.
Deep-rooted problems push nurses to handle doctors' duties
One physician assistant (PA) nurse said she had to carry out a polypectomy, an operation to remove polyps from the inside of a patient's colon, while another said she was once told to pronounce a patient dead.
Yoon receives flak for saying social welfare spending needs greater scrutiny
President Yoon Suk Yeol is facing criticism for saying that social welfare benefits need to be scrutinized more stringently based on market principles in order to ensure that Korea's resources are not wasted. But critics accused the president of attempting to use budget constraints as an excuse to cut back on social welfare benefits and accused the government of abandoning it...
Top court sides with gov't in classifying details of 2015 Seoul-Tokyo deal on sex slaves issue
The Supreme Court ruled, Thursday, that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took appropriate measures by refusing to disclose the minutes of a controversial Korea-Japan deal on former sex slaves signed in 2015, upholding a decision by an appellate court.
Seoul City takes flak for bungled emergency text alert on NK's rocket launch
Many Seoul residents were stunned Wednesday morning after receiving an emergency text alert sent by the Seoul Metropolitan Government advising them to prepare for evacuation.
Doctors, pharmacists to receive 30% bonus for offering telemedicine service
The government will begin its telemedicine pilot program as planned from Thursday, mainly permitting the service for second-visit patients or regular patients of local clinics.
Korea to ease immigration rules to attract more medical tourists
Korea aims to ease immigration procedures to attract more international patients who visit the country to undergo medical treatment or receive cosmetic surgery. The Ministry of Health and Welfare said Monday that the government aims to attract up to 700,000 medical tourists annually by 2027.
Local governments appeal to young generations through YouTube
A growing number of local governments are attempting to reflect the tastes of young people and capture their hearts and minds through YouTube. Until recent years, local governments have mainly presented promotional and policy videos in a formal style and consequently gained little attention.
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