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Fri, December 8, 2023 | 05:14
Jamboree pulls off blowout finale, beset by religious zealots
Scouts and International Service Team (IST) adult volunteers from around the world who attended the World Scout Jamboree closing ceremony on Aug. 11 had good and bad things to say about the event.
World Scout Jamboree participants look back with mixed emotions
Now that the 25th World Scout Jamboree has wrapped up, most of the 45,000 or so Scouts and International Service Team (IST) adult volunteers who came to Korea are either heading home or about to. And it's safe to say the event was overall a colossal embarrassment that will stain Korea's global reputation. But that doesn't mean the Scouts from over 150 countries worldwide aren...
[LIFE'S OLLE TRAILS 10] Confronting the subconscious saboteur
The Olle Trails open a quiet space for hikers to confront our subconscious saboteur. In my case, that confrontation occurred on Trail 14-1 - a short inland route that stretches from Jeoji to the O'Sulloc Tea Museum.
[PINNACLE'S ITAEWON] Seoul's best neighborhood for Mexican food
Seoul's vibrant culinary scene continues to amaze locals and visitors alike, with various international cuisines leaving their mark. Among the array of options available, Mexican food has carved a special place in the hearts of many in the multicultural neighborhood of Itaewon.
Punk show supports marriage for all
The legendary Seoul punk venue Skunk, recently reopened in eastern Sindang-dong, and is hosting a benefit show this Saturday for the Marriage for All Korea cause. It will feature the bands Drinking Boys and Girls Choir, DeadButtons, Dead Chant and Smoking Goose, as well as solo performances by folk musician Seth Mountain and the venue owner Won Jong-hee, going by the stage na...
[RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK] Gino's NY Pizza achieves crust perfection
Gino's NY Pizza owner Eugene Kim founded Gino's in the back alleys of Itaewon in 2016 with a mission to bring New York pizza to Seoul. Fast forward to today and Gino's bakes slices and pies in Seoul at pizza shops in Itaewon and Apgujeong, and in Busan near Haeundae Beach. Gino's NY Pizza is so authentic you'll understand why Gino's reigns supreme with pizza enthusiasts acros...
Why are over 70% of North Korean defectors female?
Every day, news about North Korea is broadcast to the world - updates on ballistic missile launches, nuclear threats and spy satellites. While many are intrigued by the country's rampant military threats and mysterious operations, significantly less attention is paid to the people that flee over its borders.
[LIFE'S OLLE TRAILS 9] Reading a poem about death in the woods
If you think the “Mama Universe” stuff I mentioned in the last column sounds like the ramblings of a California 'psychonaut' ... you're right! I got the idea from Duncan Trussell.
Inside Saemangeum's World Scout Jamboree fiasco
Parents from more than 150 countries who sent their teenage children to Korea for the World Scout Jamboree (WSJ) are now wondering whether they misplaced their trust in the country, with its troubled safety record.
[RAS Korea] Oldest Korean studies group hits 1,500 lectures and counting
Over its 123-year history, Royal Asiatic Society (RAS) Korea has sponsored almost 1,500 lectures, with only a few interruptions due to wars. James Scarth Gale, Homer B. Hulbert and George Heber Jones gave the first lectures in 1900. Lectures have continued since. Topics have been wide-ranging, from history, politics, economics, art, music, anthropology, archaeology and sociol...
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