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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 07:04
Math rock band Mountains celebrates 'Old Friends'
The emo-math rock band Mountains currently doesn't exist together in one place, but that didn't stop its three members from recording their latest album, “Old Friends” released June 9, across borders.
Hazara refugees in Korea raise their voices against Taliban
Rezayi Qudratullah and Asil Kohammad Arif are refugee applicants of the Hazara ethnic group from Afghanistan who have lived in Korea for about five years. They have been raising their voices on behalf of the Hazara people, sharing information about their ethnic heritage and the genocidal crimes against their people ― of the past as well as the present at the hands of the Tali...
[RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK] Ceviche 210 brings Peru to Songtan
Opposite the front gate of Osan Air Base, in the Singjang-dong neighborhood of Pyeongtaek (closest to Songtan Station on the Seoul Metro), lies the bustling Songtan Entertainment District, affectionately known to locals as, “The SED.” The district is home to a wealth of restaurants offering a diverse range of international cuisines which cater to the air base community. Among...
Metal band Varim brings doom to Korea's scene
Varim, a Seoul-based band encompassing elements of fuzz, stoner rock, doom metal, sludge, psychedelic and classic heavy metal rock, is holding a release party for its latest single “Die Or” this Saturday.“
Underground musicians support 10-year-old girl's liver transplant
Eileen Ha is not an ordinary 10-year-old Korean girl. If there were any justice in the universe, she would be. “Eileen is a child who brings joy,” said her Korean father, who's known among his foreign and Korean friends as Victor Ha. “She's incredibly cute and pretty. She's growing up receiving plenty of love from her mom, dad and two older sisters. She enjoys adorable charac...
Future of endangered curlew up in air
The endangered Far Eastern curlew, the world's largest migratory shorebird, is passing through the Korean peninsula once again on its annual migratory journey south. In the last three decades, the curlew's population has dropped by 80 percent, largely due to development around the ecological wonder that is the West Sea, pertaining to the largest body of tidal flats on the pla...
Jamboree pulls off blowout finale, beset by religious zealots
Scouts and International Service Team (IST) adult volunteers from around the world who attended the World Scout Jamboree closing ceremony on Aug. 11 had good and bad things to say about the event.
World Scout Jamboree participants look back with mixed emotions
Now that the 25th World Scout Jamboree has wrapped up, most of the 45,000 or so Scouts and International Service Team (IST) adult volunteers who came to Korea are either heading home or about to. And it's safe to say the event was overall a colossal embarrassment that will stain Korea's global reputation. But that doesn't mean the Scouts from over 150 countries worldwide aren...
[LIFE'S OLLE TRAILS 10] Confronting the subconscious saboteur
The Olle Trails open a quiet space for hikers to confront our subconscious saboteur. In my case, that confrontation occurred on Trail 14-1 - a short inland route that stretches from Jeoji to the O'Sulloc Tea Museum.
[PINNACLE'S ITAEWON] Seoul's best neighborhood for Mexican food
Seoul's vibrant culinary scene continues to amaze locals and visitors alike, with various international cuisines leaving their mark. Among the array of options available, Mexican food has carved a special place in the hearts of many in the multicultural neighborhood of Itaewon.
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