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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 07:22
[RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK] The Royal Food & Drink overlooks Seoul's restaurant landscape
Brunch, a delicious mashup of breakfast and lunch, is a cherished dining ritual that personifies leisure and relaxation. The tradition of brunch was first popularized in late 19th-century England as a reaction to the shifting social dynamics of urban life. It became popular among the affluent as a means to mix the opulent elements of both meals and enjoy a more leisurely star...
[PINNACLE'S ITAEWON] Tunnel celebrates 2 years of creativity, resilience
Seoul's vibrant nightlife scene gives way to a myriad of sub-niches teeming with life and passion for their community. Tunnel, a unique establishment tucked comfortably in the middle of Itaewon's Vietnam Street, is a beacon of resilience in the electronic music community. Set to celebrate its second anniversary, Tunnel, co-owned by Im Conan, Jo Won-geun and Jo Seung-geun, has...
DJ Pablo Winchester spreads northern soul in South Korea
Paul, a British expat from Yorkshire in Northern England, moved to Korea “for a year” in 2009. Now, 14 years later, he's still here. After seven years of teaching in public schools, he moved on to a university where he's been working for eight years. By night, he goes by the name Pablo Winchester, spinning northern soul vinyl records in clubs across Seoul as well as Asia.
[TEMPLE ADVENTURES] Beopju Temple should be at the top of anyone's travel itinerary
I've been twice bitten while visiting Beopju Temple before. In 2011, the batteries in my old camera ran out and then a lightning storm struck. Then in 2015, I visited the temple with a less-than-enthusiastic travel companion who wanted to wrap things up to see something more “exciting.” So this third time around this past summer, I made sure that the skies were clear, the bat...
[LIFE'S OLLE TRAILS 13] Walking back, fast or slow
I came to Jeju Island on Dec. 19, 2020. I was accompanied by my dog Miracle and the man I thought I would marry. On Dec. 29, 2022, I left, alone. During this time, I completed the Olle Trails, and healed three inner wounds I hadn't even realized I had.
[LIFE'S OLLE TRAILS 12] Saying goodbye in Gueok-ri
“Miracle's acting weird. You think I should take her to the vet?” I was at the home of two friends - a couple that lived in a seaside apartment. We sat in front of their PlayStation 5, surrounded by beer cans and a mountain of fried chicken.
Japanese psych rocker celebrates 60th birthday in Korea
One's 60th birthday is traditionally a big deal for Koreans. It's also a pretty significant milestone for Sato Yukie, a Japanese psychedelic and folk musician who has lived in Korea since 1995. He'll celebrate his “hwangap” with a series of four concerts with his band Kopchangjeongol from Wednesday to Saturday.
[RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK] Braai Republic celebrates South African cuisine
A taste of Africa in Korea, Braai Republic serves South African barbecue, hand-made sausages and homemade meat pies. Way back in 2006, expat rugby players in Seoul started making biltong and boerewors (South African air-cured jerky and sausage) for their post-game get-togethers, which led to food festivals, online sales and then co-founders Roddy Bancroft and Chris Truternow ...
[LIFE'S OLLE TRAILS 11] Worrying about comments section chaos
Want to know another secret? I considered cutting the entire last section of this series, talking about IVF treatments. It seemed too intimate to publish. The face-to-face comments had stung, but I suspected the anonymous online comments would be a toxic typhoon of misogyny.
Sool Company aims to globalize Korean alcohol traditions
Tucked away in a pocket of Seoul's Gwangjang Market is Hosunseng, an eye-catching business that departs from the more traditional food carts and restaurants surrounding it. This place, with bright orange signage, neon lighting, and a window-fronted walk-in refrigerator, is a trendy establishment dedicated to traditional Korean alcohol. It is here that The Sool Company is hold...
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