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Reporter : Kang Hyun-kyung
Thu, January 20, 2022 | 02:21
On Jeju, 'new settlers' feeling the pinch
Back in 2010, then a project manager at a conglomerate in Seoul who asked to be named only by his last name Lim, realized he wanted to do “something different” for a living. Feeling it's now or never, he quit his job and moved down to the southern island of Jeju.
Pandemic buzzwords highlight housewives tired of increased chores
“Dolbab dolbab” (meals after meals) have become buzzwords in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Social distancing and its related measures, including an increase in teleworking and delayed school semester, have added to married women's household chores. After the pandemic, housewives work harder and longer as making meals at home three times a day has become a norm.
Smartphones make you sick, stupid
In his new book “No-Mobile Phone Phobia” written in German and translated into Korean, psychiatrist, psychologist and neuroscientist Manfred Spitzer identifies the smartphone, along with other digital devices, as the source of multiple, chronic problems that modern society is grappling with.
Young women are easy prey for Shincheonji
The worst seems to be over. After the months-long nightmare of the coronavirus outbreak, Korea has successfully flattened the infection curve. As of Tuesday afternoon, 9,786 people were confirmed to have been infected with the virus, with 162 deaths. The fatality rate rose slightly from less than 1 percent in the early stages, but this is still lower than that of many other c...
13 days of fears in Korea's deep south
Paul Courtright's “Witnessing Gwangju” is an American's account of the tragic May 18 Gwangju Uprising that took place four decades ago. His memoir revisits the 13 days of fears and gunfire during the student-led pro-democracy uprising in the southwestern city in 1980 when the author was working with a leprosy resettlement center named Hohyewon in South Jeolla Province as a Pe...
President's narrative
“Coupang is better than the government.”I found this comment from a reader while reading an online news article on Sunday about President Moon Jae-in's “self-promotional” narrative on why South Korea, unlike other countries like the United States, Britain and Australia, has no panic buying despite the coronavirus pandemic.
Designer, who redefined hanbok, dies at 85
Hanbok designer Lee Eun-yim, better known by her brand name Lee Rheeza, died of natural causes on Saturday. She was 85.
Managing fears crucial in Korea's COVID-19 fight
In a video posted on his YouTube channel on March 5, Korean American doctor Charles Cho demonstrated how to make a homemade face shield that can protect users from becoming infected with the coronavirus.
'Mr. Trot' sensation delays season finale
TV Chosun's mega-hit show “Mr. Trot” saw more drama in its final episode on Thursday.
Left-winger examines 'close but distant' Japan
Yum Jong-soon's “Observing Japan for 30 Years: 18 Reasons Why Korea Will Defeat Japan,” published by Tornado, reveals a new factor that pits South Korea and Japan against each other - mistranslation.