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Reporter : Kang Hyun-kyung
Mon, February 6, 2023 | 06:13
Book review: Trauma of 2017 atrocities haunts the Rohingya
Ronan Lee's “Myanmar's Rohingya Genocide: Identity, History and Hate Speech” is an informative, timely piece that helps readers deepen their understanding of the 2017 ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya people and its lingering tragic impact on them.
[EXCLUSIVE] Daughter of late IOC executive fights for burial of her father's remains in national cemetery
Helen Kim, daughter of the late sports administrator Kim Un-yong, received a letter from the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (MPVA) last September informing that her family's request regarding her father's interment in the national cemetery had been denied due to his 2004 embezzlement conviction. “I was disappointed,” the younger Kim, a London-based lawyer, told The...
Novelist makes literary comeback 5 years after #MeToo apology
Novelist Park Bum-shin, 75, unveiled his new poetry book, “Grumble Grumble, Now in the Seventies,” Feb. 20, five years after he offered a public apology for alleged sexual misconduct.
Ex-president's son hopes to become pastor
Chun Jae-guk, 57, the second son of former president Chun Doo-hwan, said last week that he has been attending divinity school to become a pastor. On a radio show of the international Christian radio network Far Eastern Broadcasting Company (FEBC) on Friday, Chun Jr. said he was inspired to go to divinity school while he was in prison.
Code of conduct for stars
Not so long ago, success was defined narrowly in Korea. People who landed in the top two professions_ namely doctors and lawyers, the toughest survivors of the brutally heavy competition through their years of hard work_ were deemed successful.
Bestseller author apologizes over plagiarism, returns with new fiction
Million-seller author Shin Kyung-sook released her new fiction novel “I've Gone to Father” Wednesday, offering her belated formal apology in response to allegations that her 2016 work “Legend” plagiarized the late Japanese author Yukio Mashima's short fiction novel “Patriotism.”
The way bullies recall their past
The recent bullying scandals that have rocked the Korean entertainment and sports scenes show a deep gap in narratives about the same shared experiences of the alleged victims and the people accused of having bullied them. Victims say their lives were ruined as the traumatic experiences continue to haunt them. Some alleged bullies, meanwhile, insist that they don't even remem...
Victims still reeling from traumatic past, yet bullies forgetful
Singer-actor Kwon Min-a, 27, a former member of the eight-member girl band, AOA, stole the show, Tuesday.Unveiling several dazzling portrait photos of herself on Instagram, she let her fans know that she's still on the entertainment scene, although she had disappeared from the public eye since last year, following her bombshell announcement that she had been bullied by her th...
Overnight stardom brings stars' past to light
Kang Hyun, a high school senior who was competing in Mnet's popular hip hop audition show High School Rapper, quit Saturday. His sudden decision to drop out of the popular contest, widely regarded as a springboard to fame for aspiring hip hop singers, came days after his alleged violent past was revealed.
[INTERVIEW] UK-based author warns of uncertain future for Hong Kong, Taiwan
Graham Hutchings, an associate at Oxford University's China Center and honorary professor of politics and international relations at Nottingham University, revisited what happened in China about seven decades ago in his recently published book, “China 1949: Year of Revolution,” providing clues as to what to expect in East Asia in the foreseeable future.