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Reporter : Kang Hyun-kyung
Mon, February 6, 2023 | 05:18
Survivors of xenophobia, hate crime captured in photos
Documentary photographer Kim Ji-youn was puzzled when she learned about a group of Koreans in Japan called “Chosen-seki,” or “Korean domicile,” the descendants of Koreans who migrated to Japan before its surrender in 1945.Unlike Zainichi Koreans or Korean-Japanese who are legal residents in Japan, Chosen-seki identify themselves as the people from Joseon, the Confucian dynast...
Tacit knowledge
“Keep me posted on heart-warming stories, or any irregularities in the sports scene. Protection of sources guaranteed.”
Author calls left-wing commentator 'villain'
Choi In-ho's new book “Kim Ou-joon Is Worse than Choi Soon-sil” is the liberal commentator's sharp-tongued criticism of his fellow commentator and radio show host, Kim Ou-joon. Choi, a YouTuber and also founder of a civic group created to put pressure on politicians to adopt a liberal-minded policy agenda, opens fire at Kim, calling him a “villain” who has manipulated public ...
Park Soo-hong to take legal action against brother over financial irregularities
Comedian-TV show host Park Soo-hong will file civil and criminal lawsuits against his brother and sister-in-law who have been accused of having embezzling about 10 billion won over the past 30 years.
Wrongfully convicted pastor passes away
Rev. Jung Won-sup, the pastor of Chungjeol Church in the southwestern city of Namwon, passed away Sunday, several years after he suffered a stroke. He was 87. His death has saddened the people across the country because his decades-long fight for justice after he was wrongfully convicted in a rape and murder case that has remained only half resolved. The court overturned the ...
Some stars fall prey to exploitation by family
“A bear plays a trick, but it's always a monkey that collects money from audiences. ”Koreans use this old adage when people take credit for an achievement despite having played a minimal or non-existent role in it, and as a result leaving those who played a key role devastated as their hard work didn't lead to financial compensation.
China's investment in movies and dramas comes with strings attached
Disney's 2020 live-action remake of “Mulan,” and the short-lived Korean fantasy thriller “Joseon Exorcist” have delivered a shared, almost identical message that every content creator needs to know: Don't get too excited about Chinese investments.
Anniversary book gives rare peek into Korea Times' newsroom, hard-won media freedom
“70 Years of The Korea Times (1950-2020)” offers an extensive historical account of the struggles of Korea's oldest English-language newspaper ― from its birth amid the gunfire, chaos and ashes of the Korean War to the present day ― to bridge Korea and the outside world.
Pandemic has worsened ceramic artists' agony
The pandemic has dealt another blow to Icheon's ceramic artists, who have made traditional celadon and prunus vases for a living. Even before the pandemic, their business had waned as Japanese “binge shoppers” stopped visiting after their economy was mired in a decades-long recession.
Some IOC members say Korea too harsh on Kim Un-yong
The Korean government's repeated rejections to honor the late IOC vice president raised the eyebrows of some IOC members who had known Kim for a long time and were aware of the prosecution's 2004 investigation, the results of which tainted Kim's reputation that he had built through his decades of services.