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Reporter : Kang Hyun-kyung
Thu, January 20, 2022 | 01:27
Neutral state proposed to cut foreign influence
Ha Jong-moon's “Why Does Japan Want to Conquer Korea?” gives an insight into the direction of President Moon Jae-in's foreign policy and goals for diplomatic footing in East Asia to those who remain clueless about the liberal government's motives.
Blame them if you're flawless
I happened to learn about a media competition for North Korea coverage many years ago which pit two leading newspapers against each other.
Jeju islanders have mixed feeling about tourists
JEJU - A cafe in the Osulloc Tea Museum in Andeokmyeon, Seoguipo City, on the southern part of this island was crowded Thursday, as social distancing driven by the COVID-19 pandemic showed signs of easing with the sharp drop in daily infections.
Son Heung-min's 'Wonder Goal' selected as Goal of the Year
Tottenham Hotspur forward Son Heung-min won the “Goal of the Year” award presented by sports news site The Athletic.
Later-borns more likely to succeed in Joseon
In the Joseon Kingdom, later-born children had higher rates of passing the highly competitive state exam to select government officials than the eldest sons did, according to a recent paper published in the academic journal Korean Historical Studies.
Living as a polar scientist tough yet enjoyable
Polar scientist Kim Ji-hee spends two to three months annually on Antarctica, known among other things for its significant penguin population, depending on her research schedule.
A journey to No Man's Land
Biologist Kim Ji-hee's annual research trip to Antarctica is always an exhilarating rollercoaster ride. Kim, a principal scientist at the Korea Polar Research Institute in Songdo International Business District created along the waterfront region of Incheon Metropolitan City, first went to King George Island in 2002 to research biodiversity and plants on the ice-covered regio...
Delivery workers slow down panic buying in Korea
President Moon Jae-in's complimentary remarks about the absence of panic buying in Korea turned out to be premature. Although toilet paper and other emergency supplies were still packed in supermarkets after the coronavirus pandemic began, CJ Logistics said there has been panic buying online, albeit only briefly.
'King Maker,' liberal commentator turn back on their allies
Kim Chong-in, a chief campaigner of the main opposition United Future Party, and liberal political commentator Kang Jun-man seem to have nothing in common in their personal, educational or professional backgrounds.
Korean coming-of-age novel wins Japanese literary award
Novelist Sohn Won-pyung won the 2020 Japanese Booksellers' Awards in the category of translated fiction novel for her coming-of-age story “Almond,” becoming the first non-Japanese Asian writer to win the award.