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Reporter : Kang Hyun-kyung
Wed, February 21, 2024 | 10:11
[ANALYSIS] Has N. Korean leader's daughter been confirmed as heir apparent?
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un referred to his daughter as 'Morning Star General,' just days after the North's reconnaissance satellite, Malligyong-1, successfully entered orbit on Nov. 21.
Red flag raised on North Korea's unchecked space ambitions
North Korea’s spy satellite, Malligyong-1, which entered Earth's orbit on Nov. 21, is being increasingly perceived as less threatening than initially feared after a technological setback was revealed in its images.
Mother devastated as daughter feared to be repatriated back to N. Korea
A North Korean defector, who asked to be identified only by her surname Kim, has panicked as the worst-case scenario about her daughter, appears to have become a reality.
Fixing legal loopholes urgent to safeguard 2024 elections from China's potential interference
In April, a U.S. court sentenced a former Harvard University professor to serve time in prison and ordered a total fine of $83,600 for lying to federal authorities about his affiliation with China and the Wuhan University of Technology.
N. Korean leader's son veiled in mystery amid 'Kim Il-sung phenomenon'
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is known to have a son with his wife, Ri Sol-ju.
North Korean leader's daughter known by wrong name: expert
In North Korea, any information about its leader is top secret.
Gimpo residents care less about partisan politics, more about property boom
GIMPO, Gyeonggi Province - A 59-year-old hairdresser, who owned a hair shop in Gimpo’s old town of Sau-dong, said she is a staunch supporter of the proposal to annex the western city to Seoul metropolitan city.
N. Korea poised to have 'eye in the sky' to observe S. Korea
The ongoing wars in Ukraine and the Middle East have created a rare boon for cash-strapped North Korea.
US author helps Western readers develop taste for Korean culture
Barbara Zitwer was thrilled at a wave of positive feedback about her book, “The Korean Book of Happiness: Joy, Resilience and The Art of Giving,” which has been on sale in physical and online bookstores since March last year.
N. Korea tries to profit from Israel-Hamas war; S. Korea looks for intel blind spots
The Israel-Hamas War has become the subject of analysis, as countries, particularly those facing security threats from their neighbors, study the conflict to bolster asymmetric warfare capabilities to defeat their enemies.
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