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Reporter : Kang Hyun-kyung
Thu, January 20, 2022 | 02:23
Mr. Mayor, don't cross the line
“Do not tie your shoes if you are in someone else's cucumber field.”This old Korean saying advises people not to do a certain thing if it makes others suspicious of your motives. Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon is making the same mistake in Seoul City's crackdown on Sarang Jeil Church for the latter's defiance of an urban renewal plan set to uproot the neighborhood of Jangwi-dong i...
'I am wrongfully charged'
Imprisoned Choi Seo-won, who was born Choi Soon-sil, claims that she has been wrongfully charged.
Korean pastor bears brunt of death threats to save Chinese immigrants
Rev. Choe Hwang-kyu, 57, has risked his life to save the needy and abused Chinese nationals - mostly Han Chinese migrants - for the past two decades. Death threats and blackmail by human traffickers and thugs have become part of his life. They have tried to coerce him to hand over to them people he was protecting, such as Chinese women who fell victim to human trafficking and...
Japanese pastor, who saved Korea's urban poor, releases photobook
Japanese pastor Nomura Motoyuki, 89, is a self-appointed civic ambassador having dedicated his entire life to helping Koreans and Japanese reconcile with each other to move forward from their tragic past.
Tech-free childhood captured in photography
Romanian-American artist and photographer Mari Calai's two children depicted in her recently published photobook, titled “ADAGIO,” are very different from Korean kids of the same age group. Unlike Korean children who rush to test prep institutions once their schools are over and spend several hours there to hone their testing skills, Sofia and Samuel learn from nature. They s...
'I am Korean yet culturally black'
Cindy Wilson, author of “Too Much Soul: The Journey of an Asian Southern Belle,” was born I Wol-yang in Seoul and adopted by African-American parents in 1975 when she was a few months old. Her name was changed to Cindy and she was brought to America by her adoptive parents the following year.
Fabulous characters entertain pandemic-weary readers
Shin Dong-hun's new book “Folk Tale Characters” is a readable literary analysis that compares characters of Korean and international folk tales to draw their fascinating, yet unrealistic common nature.
Democracy can be hacked
In South Korea, QR codes have been at the center of a controversy following the April 15 National Assembly elections in which 300 lawmakers were elected and the ruling Democratic Party clinched a landslide victory.
High-tech elections vulnerable to cyberattacks
Whenever elections are held, there are always a group of people who complain about the election results. As we've seen in the April 15 National Assembly elections, some refuse to concede their defeat and take legal action to have the vote recounted, claiming the election is fraudulent.
A tale of Jeju citrus
JEJU - Those who visit Jeju Island around this time of year will easily discover big orange-colored citrus fruit on trees along the streets. They're similar to a grapefruit. The locals call them “hagyul” (summer tangerine). Once the thick peel is removed, it looks just like an orange. Unlike oranges or tangerines, however, the flesh is less juicy and has a sour taste.