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Reporter : Kang Hyun-kyung
Thu, January 20, 2022 | 01:29
Specter of LA riots haunts Koreans in US
A Korean American merchant surnamed Kim - who operates a mid-sized shop selling skincare, haircare and other health and beauty-related products in America's northeast - has been wary of the fallout from the Black Lives Matter protests since May when the movement gained steam in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and spread to other cities.
Author defines LA riots as multi-ethnic incident
Korean American author Kyeyoung Park's “LA Rising: Korean Relations with Blacks and Latinos after Civil Unrest” is a critical review of the dominant discourse in the U.S. about the 1992 social unrest that burned down Koreatown and left Korean immigrants helpless.
What's wrong with Mr. Kim's English
Park Si-soo's “Winning English” is a witty, informative guidebook for Koreans who are eager to improve their English skills to a level at which they can freely use it for work. With his practical, realistic advice drawn from his 13 years of experience as an English newspaper reporter, his book will be useful particularly for those who have invested a lot of time, money and en...
Filmmakers encounter post-production dilemma
What is it like being a filmmaker whose movie storms into the top spot at the box office after it opens? Many art and independent filmmakers have imagined the thrilling moment while filming.
Twisted fate of Korean War hero
A voluminous photobook featuring some 300 pictures taken during and after the Korean War has been published, showing how the war changed the fate of both renowned and ordinary people. “An Unfinished War: The Korean War” was published by Noonbit Publishing Co. on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the war on June 25. “The message of this thick book is rath...
Two left-wingers cause stir for divisive comments
Two left-wing figures have found themselves in trouble after drawing public backlash over their inappropriate remarks on minorities in Korean society.
Old travelogue revisited
Joseon scholar Bak Ji-won (1737-1805) was an academic ahead of his time. Unlike his contemporaries, who were content with the Confucian way of thinking and made little effort to move forward, Bak was creative, inquisitive and open to new ideas and ways of thinking. His strong personality and his pragmatic way of thinking are reflected in his famous travelogue, “The Jehol Diar...
Information warfare
“A pretentious sister-in-law is worse than an abusive mother-in-law." This old Korean saying refers to married women's dilemma when they are stuck in a dispute with their in-laws. Many Koreans believe that in-laws, particularly female in-laws, are virtually impossible to forge an alliance with regardless of the issues that pit them against each other.
Filmmaker gives Korean War orphans voices
Director Kim Deog-young's “Kim Il-sung's Children” is a tale of the doomed fate of thousands of Korean War orphans who found homes in Europe and lived there for several years only to have their “fond” childhood abruptly ended with their forced repatriation to North Korea in 1959.
[INTERVIEW] Former Maoist writes for China's democracy
Chinese dissident Wu Zhenrong, 71, has been in a lonely fight for a free, democratic China -- a daunting goal for the foreseeable future. To make his voice heard, instead of organizing rallies or taking to the street, he writes tirelessly from his home in Seoul to keep issues like democracy in China and the fallacies spread by the Communist Party at the focus of public discou...