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Reporter : Kang Hyun-kyung
Thu, January 20, 2022 | 02:44
Plastic surgeon writes medical fiction novels
After the winter peak season for cosmetic surgery, which usually continues for three months starting in December, plastic surgeon Kim You-myung tries to find time to immerse himself deep into his other passion - fiction writing. Every weekend, Kim, 48, goes to his clinic in Gangnam - an area of southern Seoul famous for its cosmetic surgery clinics - and writes stories.
Fiction writers denounce 'foul-mouthed' justice minister
The Korean Novelists' Association (KNA) has criticized Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae for her reckless remarks on fiction novels during the National Assembly Legislation and Judiciary Committee meeting on Tuesday.
When history and storytelling collide
Director Kim Yu-sung's biopic “Race to Freedom: Um Bok Dong” was met with derision in March last year, shortly after the movie about Korea's greatest cyclist hit local theaters.
KBS anchor's closing lines that infuriated supporters of late Seoul mayor
KBS nightly news anchor Lee So-jung drew the ire of supporters of the late Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon over her final words on the mayor and his alleged sexual harassment of his former secretary.
Book dissects 'Generation 586,' warns of their experiment to redirect South Korea
Lee Ho-lim's 2018 book, “Generation 586: Heroes or Monsters,” foretells of a clash between Generation 586 politicians and conservative people who are worried about the nation's policy direction after they took key posts in government.His book didn't get much attention when it was published in November 2018. However it was brought back into the spotlight because of its precise...
Shoe-throwing, egging put freedom of expression to the test
Shoes, eggs and paintings. These three objects appear to have nothing in common. In the discourse of freedom of expression, however, they are interrelated. Outraged people and sarcastic artists use them as mediums to express their anger and resentment toward politicians responsible for dysfunctional policies that put their lives in peril. Egging and throwing shoes at politici...
'Iran is not our enemy'
How much do we know about Iran? How do we know what we've been told about Iran is true?“The Way Time Goes by in Iran” published by Hani Books raises these two questions and author Yu Dal-seung tries to answer them based on his first-hand experiences with Iranians and their culture during his years of stay in two different time periods - first in the 1990s as a doctoral degree...
Protestant Church lashes out at PM for 'religious discrimination'
Protestant Church leaders slammed the government for banning any small church gatherings, other than Sunday worship, to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming it constitutes religious discrimination.
Small act of kindness saves Korean American owner of looted business
Dae-oh Yang's phone was ringing hot on the morning of May 31. The Korean American owner of the women's apparel store Venus Fashion in Chicago, Illinois, found he had missed several calls and urgent text messages from his customers. They said looters had broken into his store and items had been stolen.
'Park Won-soon was odd man out in ruling camp'
“Killing Park Won-soon,” the title of author Hwang Sei-youn's non-fiction book, is prophetic. It was initially scheduled to be published Friday, the day Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon was found dead on Mount Bukak, Seoul, after having gone missing. Police told reporters that Park was believed to have committed suicide, noting there was no evidence that could support murder.