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Reporter : Kang Hyun-kyung
Mon, February 6, 2023 | 06:38
Net zero fallout: Salt farms are disappearing
The government's ambitious but unorganized campaign to achieve net zero by 2050 in order to control greenhouse gas emissions has created unintended consequences. The nation's salt farms are disappearing. Soil erosion is another problem created by the reckless green energy push. Residents in the neighborhood of photovoltaic power stations, or “solar energy farms,” installed on...
[INTERVIEW] 'As humans, we all have a dark side'
Bestselling author Jeong You-jeong's new psychological thriller, “Perfect Happiness,” unravels the darkest side of human nature, taking readers into a chilling and haunting world. Some of the moments are described so vividly, with meticulous attention to details, that readers find themselves frightened as they visualize the gruesome scenes. With the author's captivating story...
Old dramas offer clue to where cultural clashes come from
Watching TV dramas that aired two to three decades ago which are currently rerunning on cable networks makes me feel that unbeknownst to ourselves, there have been seismic changes in our society over a relatively short time period.
[EXCLUSIVE] Psychological thriller 'Perfect Happiness' to hit US, UK bookstores
Star novelist Jeong You-jeong's chilling psychological thriller, “Perfect Happiness,” published by EunHaengNaMu Publishing Co., has been on the bestseller list of the nation's largest bookstore, Kyobo Books, for weeks since it went on sale in Korea in early June.
Property owners annoyed by anonymous illegal farmers
Gimpo, Gyeonggi Province- I've been in a waiting game for weeks since mid-June when I first discovered someone growing sweet potatoes and green onions, without my permission, on my property located a 10-minute drive from my home in Gimpo, Gyeonggi Province. Near there, fresh green bean sprouts were also growing under a black plastic net. The crops were planted over a total of...
Paik Jong-won teaches hansik to foreign nationals on new KBS 2 show
Restaurant franchise mogul and star cook Paik Jong-won's new food show, tentatively translated into English as “Paik Jong-won's Class,” kicked off on Monday with a 4.6-percent viewership rating nationwide.
Fear of unsanitary Chinese imports triggers 'eat safe kimchi' campaign in Korea
Video footage showing a naked man submerged waist deep in a pool filled with cloudy water and cabbages at an unspecified kimchi factory in China caused an uproar among Koreans in March. Disturbed by the video, Korean consumers have started to boycott kimchi produced in China and to look more carefully into how the food they eat has been made before it ends up on dining tables...
Award-winning 'Man in the Mirror' photo captures true self of surgeon-novelist
Korea Times photographer Shim Hyun-chul's “The Man in the Mirror” won the Best Portrait Photo of the month award from the Korea Press Photographers' Association. In the award-winning work, Shim zoomed in on the plastic surgeon-novelist Kim You-myung, 50, seen in a mirror in his clinic in Seoul's affluent southern district of Gangnam.
Best-seller lists do not coincide with ideals
The most-read articles and top 10 best-selling books at bookstores compiled by media outlets have one thing in common: readers here don't seem to find well-researched, insightful works to be fascinating.
Books about Yoon Seok-youl: like parable of the blind and the elephant
Former Prosecutor-General Yoon Seok-youl, 61, has yet to declare a bid to run in the 2022 presidential election slated for March 22. Despite rampant rumors about his candidacy, he has played a waiting game about his presidential run.His every action, word and whereabouts spark speculation about his motives, maybe because he is currently one of the most popular - albeit unoffi...