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Sun, January 29, 2023 | 11:36
Singer uploads social media post about employee having heart attack after vaccination
Kang Won-rae, a member of the dance music duo Clon, uploaded a social media post about his employee, who developed a serious medical condition after getting fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
Asylum seeker testifies to lives of sexual minorities in Syria
The Syrian war has changed the course of his life dramatically. Instead of going to medical school to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a dentist, Mouneb Taim has captured the war-torn country in photography in order to educate the international community about the suffering of Syrians and to rally their support to end the war.
'Zitwer factor': Before her, few readers outside Korea heard about Korean thrillers
Exporting Korean novels is a delicate and time-consuming job that requires network with big Western publishers as well as a significant level of knowhow in pitching translated books to them. Adding to the complexity, several different groups of people become heavily involved in the pre-publication process before the translated books eventually go on sale in local bookstores.
[EXCLUSIVE] Not your average thriller, 'The Consultant,' to be published in US, Europe
“It's surreal.” That's what Im Seong-sun, author of the award-winning 2010 thriller, “The Consultant,” said when asked how he felt when he learned that his debut novel will be published in English for English-speaking readers in 2023.
MBC's 'disastrous' livestream of Olympic opening ceremony
MBC went too far during its coverage of the Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony on Thursday, so much so that the broadcaster found it extremely challenging to make up for the mistakes.
Stars, politicians and power shift
Singer Na Hoon-a mocked Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung during his concert named, “Again Brother Tes,” held in the southeastern city of Daegu last Friday.
Cancer survivor testifies to organic diet, remote lifestyle that saved her life
INJE COUNTY, Gangwon Province - The ride in Park So-hee's pickup truck on the 2.2-kilometer off-road trail in Mount Jeombong, stretching from the Seolphi Village parking lot to Park's bed and breakfast, located in Gangwon Province's scenic Gombaeryeong pass, was quite an adventure.The narrow one-way trail in the old-growth forest is bumpy and wild with plenty of natural obsta...
Ailing novelist Lee Oi-soo and his wife back together after years apart
Novelist Lee Oi-soo's wife, Jeon Young-ja, visited her ailing husband in hospital to comfort him, confirming that they are back together, years after they separated.
Blind Wall Street analyst shares wisdom to live life 'durably' to the fullest
Soon-kyu Shin, a blind Wall Street-based credit analyst and author of two books, knows better than anyone else how people feel when they are discriminated against or experience verbal violence intentionally or unintentionally from ignorant people.
Net zero fallout: Salt farms are disappearing
The government's ambitious but unorganized campaign to achieve net zero by 2050 in order to control greenhouse gas emissions has created unintended consequences. The nation's salt farms are disappearing. Soil erosion is another problem created by the reckless green energy push. Residents in the neighborhood of photovoltaic power stations, or “solar energy farms,” installed on...