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Thu, January 20, 2022 | 02:13
'Don't be scared. You're not alone'
“Why me?” Like many other cancer patients, Han Yu-kyung, author of “The Cancer Center Graduate” published by Chamomile Press, kept asking this question after she was diagnosed with cancer last year at a university hospital in Seoul.
Poet shares thought-provoking backstory
The atmosphere of the 51st Korea Times Modern Korean Literary Translation Awards held on Thursday was very different from that of previous events. It was entertaining and, at the same time, thought-provoking, mainly because of the special guest - the award-winning poet Kim Yi-deum.
Na Hoon-a to hold Christmas Concerts in Seoul, Busan and Daegu
Trot singer Na Hoon-a will hold Christmas concerts titled “Na Hoon-a: Brother Tes Jingle Bell Concert” in Seoul, Daegu and Busan in December, following his sensational TV concert which aired on KBS2 on the eve of the Chuseok holiday in September.
Miss Korea winners at Korea Times [PHOTO]
The finalists of the 2020 Miss Korea pageant visited The Korea Times on Friday. From left are Lee Hwa-in, Ryu Seo-byn, Miss Korea 2020 Kim Hye-jin, Jeon Hye-ji and Jun Yeon-ju. They paid a courtesy visit to The Korea Times President-Publisher Oh Young-jin, not in this photo.
Fun-loving Koreans: 1980s-style TV show captivates viewers
The National Song Contest, starring amateur singers, is a rare TV show as it has enjoyed steady popularity over the past four decades since its first episode aired on KBS on Nov. 9, 1980. Without much modification from the original format and very little change to the original set, the old-fashioned TV show has been surviving the digital revolution which has hit the media ind...
Korea's disappearing culture captured in photography
Han Jeong-sik's “The Highway Beside the Stable” is a collection of photo essays showing Korea in the incipient stages of urbanization and in transition between the pre-modern and modern eras. The black-and-white photography is the author's personal account of extinct or disappearing elements of culture and his memories entangled with them. With his camera in hand, the retired...
[ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL] Korea Times is part of my life, says avid reader
Lee Bock-hee has played a role as an honorary goodwill ambassador of The Korea Times unwittingly for the past decade. Lee, vice president of the non-profit group Seoul International Women's Association (SIWA), was once a “need-driven” reader of the newspaper in 1982 when she entered college. Like other college students of her time, she read it to improve her English.
What were they fighting for?
Back in the late 1980s, one of my high school classmates made me think about the cause she was then fighting for. She was a student activist taking to the street to protest the then President Chun Doo-hwan who rose to power through a military coup.
Odd one out in literary circle
Kim Yi-deum, whose translated poetry won the 2020 National Translation Award (NTA) of the American Literary Translators' Association (ALTA), considers herself the odd one out in Korean literary circles. Unlike other Korean poets, she said her poetic style is free, crude and decadent.
Catholic Church calls for unconditional ban on abortion
The newly-elected leader of the Catholic Bishop's Conference of Korea announced that there has been no change in the Church's pro-life stance, saying abortion was unacceptable.