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Reporter : Kang Hyun-kyung
Thu, January 20, 2022 | 01:19
Despite generational rift in music, trot fandom wider than expected
The annual Gallup survey found a rare phenomenon: trot fandom is wider than expected. In general, younger people prefer trendy K-pop over any other music, whereas older people are fascinated with old-fashioned trot songs, confirming a generational rift in people's music preferences. But the annual survey also uncovered that trot fandom is wider than expected.
Same old show? 'Miss Trot 2' defies talent drain
TV Chosun's 'Miss Trot 2' hit the jackpot. “Miss Trot 2” premiered on cable network TV Chosun, Thursday night, with a stunning 28.6 percent viewership rating, nearly 5 percent higher than JTBC's sensational 2019 TV series “Sky Castle” which saw a 23.8 percent rating for its last episode.
Informed consumerism
Thanks to profit-savvy startups, consumers have various options to choose from when they're shopping. The sheer number of choices shoppers are faced with when searching for even the simplest of items can be overwhelming.This is exactly what happened to me the other day when I dropped by a department store on my way home to purchase fish oil. In the food supplements section, t...
2020 in pictures (April ~ July) [PHOTOS]
A gigantic party was born.The ruling Democratic Party of Korea swept the April 15 National Assembly elections by winning 180 seats out of the 300-member parliament.The election results were a foregone conclusion, even though the ruling party and the Moon Jae-in government were reeling from the aftermath of a series of corruption scandals involving some of its key members.
Some unethical religious leaders spark cynicism
Like his home in Seoul which was publicized on cable network tvN in November, Haemin's Brooklyn apartment is another property with a view, this one overlooking the serene East River. The revelation of his behavior earned him the tongue-in-cheek nickname “The monk who has it all,” in contradiction of what he preaches publicly - the merits of forgoing worldly possessions.
2020 in pictures (January ~ March) [PHOTOS]
COVID-19 is a true game changer - the formidable virus has dictated the way we live. Mom-and-pop stores, small grocery stores and coffee shops have been pushed out of business one after another as wary consumers stopped dropping by and moved online to shop for daily products. People's social lives changed as they refrained from certain activities, deciding to forgo yoga, exer...
[EXCLUSIVE] Korean pastor in Malaysia under investigation for sexual assault
A Malaysia-based South Korean pastor who has been accused of sexually assaulting an undisclosed number of men and boys, several of whom are deaf or suffer from severe hearing loss, has come under investigation by the local police.
What's left in rustic county after 'ginseng rush'
Rye fields in a snug place surrounded by low mountains are a common sight in South Chungcheong Province's rustic county of Geumsan, once famous for four-year-old premium ginseng. Local ginseng farmers grow rye to make their farmland suitable for ginseng production. They destroy the rye crop when the grains are ripe for harvesting. The following year they sow and destroy the c...
Photo essays: What to expect in South Korea's countryside
“You're So Cool. I Mean it”: A farmer smiles in this 2009 photo which was included in Yang Hae-nam's photo-poetry book “Capturing Winds.” Each photo is paired with a poem. The shy woman eventually agreed to pose for a photo after she initially refused Yang's request to take her picture. / Courtesy of Yang Hae-nam
Korean Buddhism: Untold hallyu teetering
Even before the term hallyu was coined in the early 2000s to refer to the successive sensational success of Korean dramas in Japan following KBS's mega hit TV series “Winter Sonata,” there was the export of Korean ideas and thoughts. Korean Buddhism is the untold side of hallyu. Korea's export of Zen Buddhism had preceded the overseas sensational reactions to Korean dramas an...