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Reporter : Kang Hyun-kyung
Thu, January 20, 2022 | 02:35
[INTERVIEW] 'I was a GI bride'
A young woman wailed, as a Seattle-bound ferry departed from the port of Busan and slid into waters on a long voyage in 1954, a year after the bloody Korean War had ended. The woman was Choi Moon-ja, a Korean bride who had just married a Black American soldier who was stationed in Busan during the war. Choi said she was gripped by insurmountable sadness and belated regret for...
Tommy Fleetwood tapped to be TAG Heuer ambassador
British golfer Tommy Fleetwood was named global ambassador for luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer. Fleetwood will be the face of TAG Heuer's Connected Golf Edition luxury smartwatch.
Sharp criticism pits columnist against 'Moon fanatics'
Hong Sai-hwa, author of the 1995 best-seller “I am a Paris-based Cab Driver” and columnist of the liberal newspaper Hankyoreh, is a critic from within the liberal camp. In his sharp-tongued style, Hong, 73, has written columns harshly criticizing President Moon Jae-in for his mismanagement of the economy, failure of policies to stabilize real estate and home prices, and worse...
'Dad, I miss you': Teen refugee's tearful tribute touches Koreans' hearts
Wanyiwah, 14, took the stage as her name was called as the next contestant on KBS' hit audition show, “National Trot Championships,” which aired on Dec. 5. Representing Myanmar's Karen ethnic minority, the teen refugee shared a tragic story about her father which motivated her to choose the Korean song “Surprise Lily” to perform on national TV. “As you know, the song that I'm...
Actress Lee Young-ae donates 100 mil. won for child abuse victims
Actress Lee Young-ae donated 100 million won ($92,000) for child abuse victims and frontline healthcare workers fighting to contain COVID-19, according to Asan Medical Center in Seoul on Wednesday.
Use your evenings wisely to earn side income
“The Power of an Evening Routine” published by Dongyang Books is a guidebook for full-time workers seeking extra income. Author Ryu Han-bin encourages readers to make the most of their evenings after knocking off from their main job by working on something extra ― for money or just for fun.
When ethical lapses revealed, stars quit, politicians stay
When stars' ethical lapses are revealed, they apologize and drop out of TV shows or films they're shooting to take responsibility for their past misconduct. Sometime later - usually after a certain period of hiatus - they stage a comeback at least pretending they're sorry for their past actions.Yet these acts of repentance and taking of responsibility for past misconduct seem...
Cinema in 2021: Netflix-Disney Plus battle looming large
Amid almost all sectors of the arts and entertainment reeling from COVID-19, there's one outlier that has been thriving since the outbreak of the pandemic - streaming services. Netflix has seen a surge in subscriptions, thanks to the pandemic, stoking fears among some ill-prepared local film studios, concerned about what the dominance of Netflix means for the future of the pr...
K-movie revisited: 'Hit and Run Squad' deserves second chance
Director Han Jun-hee's 2019 crime movie “Hit and Run Squad” reminded me of an unknown singer who received the long overdue spotlight on TV Chosun's hit show “Miss Trot 2.” That singer is Kim Eui-young, a contestant who failed to make the cut in Season 1 but chose to try and prove herself again in Season 2.
Bleak Christmas [PHOTOS]
Christmas Day is the latest victim of COVID-19. On the bleak Christmas Eve, the empty Seoul downtown streets leave people cheerless. The spirit of Christmas is missing. The Salvation Army's bell ringer is solitary as there are few passers-by. Donations are hard to come by.