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Reporter : Kang Hyun-kyung
Tue, November 30, 2021 | 06:44
[INTERVIEW] UK photographer shares secret to prolific career with celebrities
Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Madonna and Lady Gaga are all names known to people around the globe, with their own fan bases in Korea. Besides this, there is one more thing they have in common: They've all worked with renowned British photographer Mick Rock for their album covers or portrait photos.
[INTERVIEW] Irish street artist recreates urban space with Asian muses
For Irish artist Finbarr Notte, the city is a huge canvas to fill in with his art. He began to view the concrete jungle as a space for his art in 2005 when he worked in digital advertising in central London. Back then, graffiti and street art were part of everyday life, inspiring young artistic souls like him to consider becoming an urban artist. But then in 2008, legendary s...
Korean animated film 'Red Shoes' competes with 26 others for Oscars
The homegrown animated movie “Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs” made it onto a preliminary list of nominations for Best Animated Feature Film at the 93rd Academy Awards, becoming the first Korean animation movie to achieve such a feat.
Book review: Physician warns of medical misinformation
Hwang Se-won's “How to Use a Doctor” published by Raon Books warns of the dangers of self-informed patients' quack remedies for their medical symptoms, saying their self-diagnosis based on medical misinformation could make their condition worse.
Stars critical of gov't asked to shut up
Two stars have suffered the consequences of their political views critical of the Moon Jae-in administration: One lost his job and the other was criticized by some supporters of Moon. Singer JK Kim Dong-uk, best known for his 2002 mega hit song “Life Sentence,” was recently let go by the Ulsan-based broadcasting company UBC. For the past 10 years, he had been the MC of UBC's ...
Actress Kim Hye-ri praised as past good deeds come to light
Actress Kim Hye-ri, 51, was unwittingly brought back in the spotlight as her past good deeds became known to the public, thanks to a recent news article. Kim had taken care of a baby girl born out of wedlock for six months in 2014 to help the baby's dad, Kim Ji-whan, fully focus on his day job without worrying about childcare or the safety of his daughter.
[INTERVIEW] 'I was a GI bride'
A young woman wailed, as a Seattle-bound ferry departed from the port of Busan and slid into waters on a long voyage in 1954, a year after the bloody Korean War had ended. The woman was Choi Moon-ja, a Korean bride who had just married a Black American soldier who was stationed in Busan during the war. Choi said she was gripped by insurmountable sadness and belated regret for...
Tommy Fleetwood tapped to be TAG Heuer ambassador
British golfer Tommy Fleetwood was named global ambassador for luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer. Fleetwood will be the face of TAG Heuer's Connected Golf Edition luxury smartwatch.
Sharp criticism pits columnist against 'Moon fanatics'
Hong Sai-hwa, author of the 1995 best-seller “I am a Paris-based Cab Driver” and columnist of the liberal newspaper Hankyoreh, is a critic from within the liberal camp. In his sharp-tongued style, Hong, 73, has written columns harshly criticizing President Moon Jae-in for his mismanagement of the economy, failure of policies to stabilize real estate and home prices, and worse...
'Dad, I miss you': Teen refugee's tearful tribute touches Koreans' hearts
Wanyiwah, 14, took the stage as her name was called as the next contestant on KBS' hit audition show, “National Trot Championships,” which aired on Dec. 5. Representing Myanmar's Karen ethnic minority, the teen refugee shared a tragic story about her father which motivated her to choose the Korean song “Surprise Lily” to perform on national TV. “As you know, the song that I'm...
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