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Fri, July 1, 2022 | 02:30
Architect of 'mechanical organism' chosen as this year's MMCA Hyundai Motor Series artist
Kinetic artist Choe U-ram has been named the artist for this year's MMCA Hyundai Motor Series by the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), Korea. As an architect of “mechanical organisms” or “anima-machine,” the 52-year-old has garnered attention both at home and abroad with his inventive robotic sculptures that marry lifelike movements achieved through compu...
K-pop's global fame fueled by drama, film soundtracks
Even COVID-19 could not make a dent in K-pop's global rise, as seen in the robust sales of physical albums, which surpassed $220 million in exports last year for the first time in history, according to Korean Customs Service data. This growing physical album market has coincided with the surging sales of soundtrack albums, magazines and outdoor advertising all featuring K-pop...
Veteran trot singer Na Hoon-a to release new album
Long-time trot legend Na Hoon-a will release a series of new songs in celebration of the 55th anniversary of his musical debut. Titled “Seven-Colored Scent,” the album featuring seven tracks - including “Fighting Match,” “Mother (Wife's Mother),” “Change” and “Wisdom of Love” - will come out on Tuesday, according to his agency Yearah and Yesori.
Seoul's street fashion changes with Korea's dynamic modern history
Fashion has long been more than just an eye-catching means of self-expression. Its role as a critical mirror of societal change has perhaps been witnessed most evidently in Korea's modern history, which has been nothing short of tumultuous - extending through 1910-45 Japanese colonial rule and national liberation, the 1950-53 Korean War, multiple authoritarian regimes and rap...
87-year-old Ha Chong-hyun's exploration of materials never ceases
“To this day, I have continued the fierce tug of war between the burlap canvas and paint. My artwork is born only when the two distinct materials collide with each other.” The oeuvre of Ha Chong-hyun, the 87-year-old trailblazer in Korean modern abstract art, can be best defined as a ceaseless exploration and experimentation with materials - an artistic journey that has been ...
Korean athletes, stars bombarded by Chinese online users' malicious comments
As with many other international sporting events, the Beijing Winter Olympics has not been free from controversy. Between Korea and China, such a dispute has materialized and has become a fierce war of words among the two countries' online users - a phenomenon that has been specifically witnessed on the social media accounts of various Korean athletes and stars.
Buddhist sect leader seeks understanding for huge rally against alleged bias by gov't
Ven. Wonhaeng, president of the largest Buddhist sect in Korea, the Jogye Order, has called for public understanding for the recent mass rally of monks held to protest against what they called the Moon Jae-in administration's “religious bias” against Buddhism.
Online exhibition of Korean webtoons kicks off in Japan, Malaysia
A year-long online exhibition showing a selection of popular Korean webtoon series has kicked off specifically for fans in Malaysia and Japan, Friday. Co-organized by the Korea Manhwa Contents Agency (KOMACON), Korean Embassy in Malaysia and Korean Cultural Center Osaka, “ON, WEBTOON” is themed around a number of webcomic series that have gained popularity either in their ori...
Korean Canadian author's Joseon-era mystery novel gains traction in US
The English-language novel, “The Red Palace,” which deftly brings the genre of historical whodunit books to the 18th-century Joseon-era court, has been a breath of fresh air hitting the bookshelves across North America this year. Penned by Korean Canadian writer June Hur, the gripping narrative is set in 1758, during the reign of King Yeongjo, whose years-long, troubled relat...
Diverse forms of family gain spotlight in Korean media
In November 2020, Sayuri Fujita, a Japanese TV personality based in Seoul, shook up the Korean entertainment scene when her decision to become a single mother by choice was made public. She gave birth to her son, Zen, who was conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Japan using donor sperm, as the treatment remains a virtually impossible option for unmarried women in...
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