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Reporter : Bae Eun-joo
Sat, February 24, 2024 | 02:21
Turtle Marathon set for Saturday
The Korea Times invites readers to enjoy the cool winter air at one of Korea’s biggest cultural sites at the 462nd Turtle Marathon this Saturday.
Help senior drivers
“Dear Abby,” an advice column carried by The Korea Times, is one of my favorite sections. I enjoy reading it every day.
Turtle Marathon set for Oct. 9
The Korea Times invites readers to enjoy the crisp mountain air and early morning sunshine at the 460th Turtle Marathon this Sunday.
Gagok summer concert to be held Tuesday
The Millennium Symphony Orchestra led by conductor Seo Hee-tae will hold a Midnight Summer Concert at Seoul Arts Center, Tuesday.
Vacation, interrupted
It’s vacation time, the time of the year many office workers have been waiting for. Some people have planned their summer getaway months ahead so they can enjoy the time away from their workplace under the most suitable conditions. Amidst the excitement, however, many would question whether it is possible for them to completely disconnect from their office work after they clo...
Turtle Marathon set for June 18
The Korea Times invites readers to enjoy the crisp mountain air and early morning sunshine at the 458th Turtle Marathon this Saturday.
Ironman CEO to compete in Busan
Andrew Messick, CEO of the World Triathlon Corporation, organizer of Ironman, will participate in the Ironman competition in Busan on June 19.
Singer to take on top go player Lee Se-dol
Singer Kim Jang-hoon will play a go match against champion Lee Se-dol this month on the island of Dokdo, Kim’s agency announced Tuesday.
Kim Whan-ki's painting fetches $4.56 bil.
A painting by Korean abstract artist Kim Whan-ki (1913-1974) was sold at auction at the third-highest price ever paid for a Korean artwork, Sunday.
My type of AI
The match of the 21st century between top go player Lee Se-dol and artificial intelligence program AlphaGo that the world has been anticipating has begun. AlphaGo, a computer program developed by Google's DeepMind Technologies, is capable of developing its own strategies by playing games against itself and playing one million rounds of go in only four weeks which would normal...
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