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Sat, February 24, 2024 | 01:34
“Coffee Noir” surprises at BIFAN
BUCHEON _ In recent years I have been inclined to pick non-Korean films at the Bucheon International Film Festival (BIFAN) because the selection of foreign films tended to be stronger. In the 21st edition, while there were some films of the non-Korean variety I was keen on seeing such as the “Psycho” documentary “78/52” and the acclaimed horror film “Raw,” for the first time ...
Turtle Marathon set for Saturday
The Korea Times invites readers to enjoy the clean air and warm morning sunshine at the 467th Turtle Marathon this Saturday.
Golden age for pets
As the number of single households in Korea is increasing, people’s interest in pets or companion animals also seems to be growing too. Recent data shows that Korea’s pet population has surpassed 10 million and is expected to double by 2020. The pet industry amounted to 3.5 trillion won in 2015. That figure is expected to reach 6 trillion won over the next three years, which ...
Bong Joon-ho continues to challenge industry norms
In Bong Joon-ho’s social satire “Barking Dogs Never Bite” (2000), the film’s main protagonist, Yun-ju (Lee Sung-jae) is fed up with the incessant barking at his apartment complex and complains to the security guard (Byun Hee-bong). “Dogs aren’t allowed here, right?” he asks. “Yeah, that’s right. But nobody follows the rule,” the guard replies. Yun-ju then says, “Nobody in thi...
KLPGA Tour winner
 Kim Ji-young holds the trophy after clinching the 2017 NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship title at the Suwon golf club in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, Sunday. This is Kim’s first career win. ./ Courtesy of KLPGA
Kim Whan-ki's painting to be auctioned in Hong Kong
A painting by Korean abstract artist Kim Whan-ki (1913-1974) is up for sale in Hong Kong on May 28. Seoul Auction said Sunday that Kim’s black dotted painting “4-VI-74#334” will be auctioned at its 22nd Hong Kong sale. Created in the year Kim died during his stay in New York, the estimate price for the artwork is 2.2 billion won.
Turtle Marathon set for Saturday
The Korea Times invites readers to enjoy the crisp air and early morning sunshine at the 463rd Turtle Marathon this Saturday. The event, organized by the Hankook Ilbo, the sister paper of The Korea Times, and supervised by the National Election Committee, will take place at Namsan. Celebrating the 19th presidential election on May 9, National Election Committee Secretary Gene...
“Becoming Who I Was” is a courageous journey of self-discovery
“Becoming Who I Was” directed by Moon Chang-yong and Jeon Jin is an award-winning documentary having accumulated accolades at festivals both home and abroad including the Berlin Film Festival in February where it bagged the Generation Kplus Grand prize. The film has also secured North American distribution after it was picked up by distributor Bond/360 and will be screened in...
'The Vegetarian' among top 10 books of 2016
The Vegetarian,” the 2016 Man Booker Prize-winning novel by Han Kang, was selected among the “10 Best Books of 2016” by the New York Times Book Review, Friday.
'Calligraphy and literature are inseparable'
Poet Choi Yearn-hong proposed Thursday a new renaissance in calligraphy and literature, which he called two inseparable arts, by bringing calligraphers, poets and writers together.
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