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Reporter : Bae Eun-joo
Sat, February 24, 2024 | 03:20
Canada pot stores run out of supplies, more lineups
Day two of legal recreational cannabis in Canada on Thursday saw more long lineups outside pot stores and supply shortages in parts of the country. Most consumers were exuberant about the end of prohibition, but a few expressed disappointment over not being able to buy cannabis on the first day
Mega Millions jackpot hits $900 million in US
Your chances of winning are slim to none, but it might be worth investing a few dollars in the Mega Millions contest in the United States before Friday's drawing
Scientists spot six near-extinct vaquita porpoises
The near-extinct vaquita marina, the world's smallest porpoise, has not yet disappeared from its habitat off the coast of Mexico, a research team said Wednesday after spotting six of them
Honduran migrants defy Trump to continue long march north
Thousands of Honduran migrants marched north Wednesday in a bold attempt to reach the United States, defying threats from US President Donald Trump to stop aid to countries that let their "caravan" pass
(374) Saju: Dream interpretation for the New Year
It’s time for people to make expectations for the New Year and various portents take place to indicate forthcoming events.
Netflix Embraces Korean Content
Prior to the era of streaming, viewers overseas eager to catch Korean films were only able to do so either in cinemas through theatrical releases or film festivals, while a number of titles were released on DVD. In the U.K., for example, a once-thriving market for physical media, the latest titles from the likes of Park Chan-wook and Bong Joon-ho together with other Korean au...
Choi Yearn-hong, Yonseian of the Year 2017
Choi Yearn-hong, Yonseian of the Year 2017 Hong Hee-kyung, president of the Yonsei University Alumni Association of the Americas, announced Dr. Choi Yearn-hong as the Yonseian of the Year 2017, for his pilgrimage to commemorate the centennial of poet and fellow Yonsei alumni, Yoon Dong-ju’s birth, earlier this year. Choi has long celebrated Yoon’s life and literature through the establishment and foundation of the Yoon Dong-ju Group in the Washington Area, the only such organization outside Korea over the past twenty years, and most recently highlighted Yoon at the Korean Poets ...
Corpses hanged in public view for days
Justice in the late Joseon era was often quick and severe. People accused of crimes were often horribly tortured and those who confessed their crimes or were found guilty were subsequently punished. There were many forms of punishment - depending on one’s class and crime - including corporal, loss of rank, confinement and banishment. Lesser crimes were often punished with bea...
The 14th International Christian Medical Conference Was Held in Russia
Many worldwide Christian doctors came together to present and share various divine healing cases, which had occurred by the power of God, at the 14th WCDN Conference held in the city of St. Petersburg of Russia that is a Russian Orthodox Church country. This has great significance in view of Russia’s anti-terrorism laws, which restrict Christians from evangelizing outside of ...
Poet Choi Yearn-hong receives 2017 Mincho Overseas Korean Literature Award
Poet Choi Yearn-hong has been chosen as the recipient of the Mincho Overseas Korean Literature Award for his 2015 poetry book, “White Cotton-tailed Deer,” the committee of judges chaired by poet Shin Kyung-rim, announced last week.
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