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Reporter : Bahk Eun-ji
Sun, October 24, 2021 | 05:19
Patients in critical condition increasing amid Delta variant spread
The number of COVID-19 patients in serious or critical condition is increasing alongside the spread of the more infectious Delta variant strain. This situation is raising concerns that the nation's death rate from the virus, which has dropped due to the vaccination drive, could rise again, considering the Delta and other variants are known to reduce the immune responses of va...
90% of college students demand tuition refunds
Nearly 90 percent of college students want their tuition refunded, even if only partially, as their second-semester courses are likely to be provided mostly online again, similar to the past three semesters since early 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They claim it is unreasonable for schools to charge the full amount of tuition, because students are not using on-campus fa...
Elementary schoolgirl writes letter hoping to find remains of American soldier
An elementary school student wrote a letter asking local authorities to search for the remains of an American soldier who went missing while on a mission during the 1950-53 Korean War. Yoo Ah-jin, 11, of Waegwan Elementary School in Chilgok County, North Gyeongsang Province, sent a letter to Baek Sun-ki, the head of the county, after she learned about the story of James Ellio...
Local governments working on 'BTS place marketing'
It is not new that K-pop boy band BTS has a huge influence on not only the global music industry but also many other cultural areas. Especially in Korea, the sites that members have visited for music videos, photo shoots or even personal trips have become must-visit destinations for fans, drawing in not only domestic tourists but also tourists from abroad. Although foreign to...
Korea on alert for future vaccine supply amid more variants, price hikes
Concerns are rising over possible future shortage of COVID-19 vaccines, as more and more countries are considering adopting booster shots amid growing cases of variants, which reduce the immune responses of even already vaccinated people. Some vaccine manufacturers, including Pfizer and Moderna, also raised the prices of their products for Europe, a move that is likely to aff...
Pet sitting grows in popularity
Yim Ji-hye, 30, an office worker, had to leave her cat at home for a week recently when she went on a business trip to Jeju Island. She was worried about her pet staying home alone - especially during a heat wave - but couldn't leave the air conditioner on for the whole week, or leave the window open as she worried about her cat's safety. None of her relatives or friends were...
Pandemic fails to curb tourists flocking to Jeju
Jeju Island is seeing a growing number of tourists, despite the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, as people weary of the year-long-plus quarantine measures are heading to the resort island as a summer vacation destination. The large number of visitors from mainland Korea is inevitably pushing up the number of coronavirus cases on the island, increasing the concerns for th...
Students from 26 countries encouraged to stay home until Korea's vaccination drive picks up
International students from countries where coronavirus variants are prevalent will be recommended to not ...
Farm owner confesses to falsifying bear escape to cover up slaughter
It was found that only one Asian black bear escaped earlier this month from a breeding farm in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, contrary to the farm owner's initial report of two bears, according to Yongin Dongbu Police, Wednesday. The owner confessed to lying about the number to hide his illegal slaughter of a bear.
Aging apartments start energy-saving campaigns to prevent blackouts
The continued heat wave has caused a series of power outages at apartment complexes due to aging electrical infrastructure. As a countermeasure, some buildings are running energy-saving campaigns, urging their residents to take turns using their air conditioners or to go on vacation, despite the risk of COVID-19 infection.
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