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Reporter : Bahk Eun-ji
Sun, November 27, 2022 | 04:11
Employees with multicultural backgrounds suffer from poor working conditions: survey
A large proportion of young adults and children with multicultural backgrounds and work experience here have suffered from unfair treatment, such as salaries that are lower than minimum wage and verbal abuse from employers, a survey showed Thursday.
Seoul City uses AI tech to prevent suicide attempts on Han River bridges
Korea bears the disgrace of having one of the world's highest suicide rates, topping the ranking among OECD member nations with 23.5 out of 100,000 people killing themselves in 2020. The central and local governments have taken various suicide prevention measures, and the Seoul Metropolitan Fire and Disaster Headquarters has recently come up with a system using artificial int...
Korea set to strengthen quarantine measures this week
The government is expected to introduce tougher social distancing rules in the coming days in a desperate bid to curb the unrelenting spread of COVID-19 amid a surge in the number of coronavirus deaths and critically ill patients. Park Soo-hyun, senior presidential secretary for public communication, said in a radio interview Tuesday that a range of options had already been p...
13 shops added to Seoul's 'Historical Stores' list
Seoul is a city that changes rapidly. Low-rise buildings and old facilities are demolished in the name of urban development, skyscrapers have sprouted everywhere and old alleys are replaced with straightened roads.
Health experts call for toughest social distancing measures yet
Epidemiologists are calling on the government to implement its toughest-yet social distancing measures, as the current COVID-19 situation is growing beyond the nation's medical capacity. They say it is going to be difficult to turn around the current virus situation and control the soaring number of daily infections, which has hovered around 7,000 new cases daily over the las...
Korea finally recognizes foreigners' overseas vaccination
Korea will recognize foreign nationals' vaccination history abroad so they can be verified as “vaccinated” against COVID-19, according to the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA), Thursday. This move is aimed at including them in the “vaccine pass” program and facilitating their receiving of booster shots here.
Wives of Sahmyook professors help int'l students during pandemic
A volunteer group of the wives of professors at Sahmyook University has provided financial support for international students suffering through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Sahmyook Sarang Shop, the volunteer group, donated 30 million won ($25,500) to the university's development fund and the Sarang Shop Scholarship fund. The total amount of donations reached 120 millio...
Judge's comment: Award winners stand as hope for multicultural Korea
First of all, I sincerely congratulate you on being selected as the winners of the 10th Korea Multicultural Youth Awards organized by The Korea Times. I'm confident that the 11 children selected as winners this year will grow into valuable people who will lead the future of Korean society with extraordinary sincerity and talent.
Home treatment feared to increase virus spread
The government's COVID-19 quarantine measure of home treatment for non-critical patients is feared to have increased infections among family members as well as the number of serious cases, health experts said Wednesday. This concern was raised as the country's daily new number of coronavirus cases soared to a record high of 7,175 for Tuesday, a sharp rise of 2,221 from the pr...
Protest against business restrictions
Self-employed people chant slogans during a rally near the National Assembly in Seoul, Wednesday, calling on the government to lift restrictions on their business hours and to provide better compensation for losses incurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yonhap
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