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Reporter : Bahk Eun-ji
Fri, December 1, 2023 | 12:25
Probe into Osstem Implant embezzlement widens to include chairman
The investigation into the country's single largest embezzlement case involving an employee at Osstem Implant is widening to look into possible accomplices or involvement of higher-ranking company officials, following his testimony about “slush funds.”
Brothers donate money to neighbors in need
Two brothers attending elementary school decided secretly to leave the money they had saved up for buying a game console at a police station for those in need.
Court's vaccine pass suspension decision likely to affect entire vaccine pass scheme
A court decision to suspend the government's COVID-19 vaccine pass mandate for private academies and education facilities is expected to shake up the nation's entire vaccine pass scheme, as it ruled the system infringes on people's basic rights and the right to self-determination. It is likely to cause a series of similar suits by operators of other facilities where the vacci...
Daycare center head's son gets 10-year jail term for sexually abusing girls
The nation's top court has upheld lower court decisions that gave a 10-year jail sentence to a male teacher at a daycare center for sexually abusing four- to five-year-old girls.
Vaccine pass system for teenagers pushed back to March
Children aged 12 to 18 will be subject to the COVID-19 vaccine pass system from March 1, a month later than the government's initial plan, following protests and concerns from parents over its hasty implementation. The health and education ministries said, Friday, that the system will be applied to the age group in March when the new semester begins, for accessing multiuse fa...
Multicultural families' fathers group launched
The concept of parenting as a shared job for both mothers and fathers has gradually gained acceptance in Korea, but in many international marriage couples here, it is still recognized as mainly the role of immigrant wives. However, in one region, fathers of multicultural families who want to take an active part in childcare and are eager to communicate with other parents of m...
Central, local gov'ts increase support for multicultural children
The central and local governments are expanding their support for children with multicultural backgrounds, with the goals of guaranteeing their right to education and better facilitating their integration into Korean society.
Over 2,000 wild dogs inhabit Jeju: study
Around 2,000 wild dogs are estimated to live in the mountains and hills of Jeju Island, becoming the top predators on the island, a study showed, Tuesday. According to a study conducted by Jeju National University's Wildlife Rescue Center on wild dog inhabitation of the island from April 1 to the Dec. 15, between 1,626 and 2,168 wild dogs are presumed to live in its mountaino...
'Seoul Learn' platform draws positive reviews
Seoul Learn, an online learning platform introduced by the Seoul Metropolitan Government to bridge the education gap for underprivileged students, is displaying high user and satisfaction rates, according to the city. Some 8,800 children have registered since the website providing lectures opened on Aug. 27, meeting 88 percent of the membership goal set by the city government.
Local governments seek rebound in medical tourism
The COVID-19 pandemic, which has lasted for almost two years, has impacted local governments' efforts to promote medical tourism. Foreign patients come here to receive treatment at local medical institutions, during which they are also free to go sightseeing, shopping and experience Korean culture, and many programs are offered by public and private agencies to offer support ...
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