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Reporter : Yun Da-been
Sat, February 24, 2024 | 01:02
[VIDEO] Filipina K-pop idol and K-drama actress react to stereotypes about the Philippines
It may come as a surprise to Korean tourists visiting the Philippines that the food chain Jollibee is so popular in the country and why Filipinos celebrate Christmas in September rather than December as they do in other countries.
[VIDEO] Do Koreans know K-pop idols well?
K-POP is becoming more popular worldwide, but how popular is it in Korea? We could find out by asking Koreans WHO is in the picture. Is it possible for them to identify BTS from their photo alone? Can Koreans correctly guess all the K-POP stars?
[VIDEO] Korea's two most popular Filipinas finally meet each other!! (Feat. Lapillus Chanty, Joyce)
Here's what these two K-pop and K-drama queens from the Philippines have achieved in their careers over the years. K-pop girl group Lapillus member Chanty and K-drama actress Joyce both joined us for today's reaction content!
[VIDEO] Can professional dancers find LE SSERAFIM's main dancer?
It is true that almost all K-pop idols are capable of dancing, but some tend to have an advantage over others, which is why main dancer positions are common in K-pop groups.
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