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Reporter : Park Yoon-bae
Sat, September 23, 2023 | 00:19
Build consensus first
The government unveiled a modified formula to determine the minimum wage Monday. The draft calls for dividing the Minimum Wage Committee into two subcommittees - one responsible for proposing the upper and lower limits of the wage and the other to decide the actual rate within those limits.
'Comfort women' and international human rights law
Korea this year celebrated the 73rd anniversary of liberation from 1910-45 Japanese colonial rule. The celebration was all the more significant because it highlighted the human rights issues surrounding the victims of colonialism and militarism.
New impetus to unlock full potential of cooperation
Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor-Viorel Melescanu said that his country wants to further develop relations with South Korea substantially as the two countries celebrate the 10th anniversary of a “strategic partnership” this year.
Carter's troop pullout plan
It is interesting to read a news story about former U.S. President Jimmy Carter's push for a pullout or reduction of American troops from South Korea in the late 1970s.
Collabo K chief named 'PR man of the year'
The Korea Public Relations Association has selected Collabo K President Kim Joo-ho as the “PR man of the year” for his contribution to promoting the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games.
Briquettes for the poor
Volunteers carry briquettes to be delivered to families in need and elderly residents living alone in Baeksa Village, Nowon-gu, northern Seoul, Nov. 10. as winter approaches. Some 60 Kwangdong Pharmaceutical employees and their family members handed over 1,400 briquettes to help the underprivileged. /Courtesy of Kwangdong Pharmaceutical
Stop vaccination exemption subterfuge
In 2015 _ responding to the irrational wave of anti-vaccination sentiment among parents _ the Legislature passed a bill mandating that every California public school student be vaccinated against 10 diseases: diphtheria, hepatitis B, haemophilus influenzae Type B, measles, mumps, whooping cough, polio, rubella, tetanus and chickenpox.
Energy market erosion
Foreign businesses are eroding Korea's renewable energy market, which is growing rapidly thanks to the government's policy to phase out nuclear power plants.
Visit to Gaeseong
South Korean businesspeople who ran factories in Gaeseong are likely to visit the now-suspended inter-Korean industrial park as early as next week.
Global competitiveness
South Korea stood at 15th place in the global competitiveness ranking of 140 countries this year, up two notches from 2017. According to the World Economic Forum competitiveness index for 2018, the nation ranked No. 1 in ICT adoption and macroeconomic stability. Korea also came in eighth in innovation ability and 14th in market size. It is welcome economic news, given the nation's global competitiveness ranking had fallen or stagnated since 2007.
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