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Reporter : Park Yoon-bae
Mon, December 4, 2023 | 22:30
Perseverance on Mars
Challenges Korea faces
South Korea faces two major diplomatic and security challenges this year. The first challenge is North Korea's persistent development of nuclear weapons. The second one is the growing rivalry between the United States and China.
Remembering late labor activist
Fifty years have passed since a young garment worker and labor activist burned himself to death in a Seoul market to protest the exploitation and terrible working conditions of workers.
Far from fair and just
The results of the prosecution's investigation into a scandal involving Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae and her son are raising more questions than they answer. The reason is clear: Many people believe her son received special treatment during his military service at the behest of the then leader of the Democratic Party of Korea.
Sexual harassment and hypocrisy
Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon's death was shocking not only because it was an apparent suicide, but also because it occurred soon after sexual harassment allegations were made against him. It is all the more so considering that Park was a prominent human rights lawyer, advocate for women's rights and reform-minded mayor of the country's capital.
Restore moral high ground
The alleged misappropriation of donations for the surviving victims of Japan's wartime sexual slavery is at the center of a scandal involving an activist-turned-lawmaker. If it proves to be true, she must be subject to stern punishment.
Virus makes impossible possible
The coronavirus pandemic is turning what has been considered the impossible into the possible. This is more evident in economic and financial policies than any other ones here in South Korea.
Lesson from coronavirus
Many people are asking the question: How come South Korea has become so vulnerable to the new coronavirus, despite its relatively well-established healthcare system?
Shortage of face masks
People are still struggling to buy face masks despite the government's repeated promise to provide enough domestically amid the rapid escalation of the coronavirus outbreak.
Virus hits small businesses
The ongoing new coronavirus outbreak is inflicting considerable damage on the self-employed and small businesses. According to a survey conducted by the Korea Federation of Micro Enterprise (KFME) on 1,096 members early this month, 97.9 percent of respondents said their sales have declined since the start of the epidemic.
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