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Reporter : Kim Bo-eun
Tue, February 27, 2024 | 00:44
[INTERACTIVE] Is Korea ready to accept migrants?
South Korea has the lowest fertility rate among 209 countries in the world. The government has determined drawing more migrants is an imperative, but the country has a long way to go to become an inclusive society.
[SPECIAL REPORT] Korea should embrace cultural diversity in integrating immigrants
On hot summer nights, Chinese families living in Shibazono Danchi, a public housing complex near Tokyo, would come out to dance and play in the park. The noise would anger the elderly Japanese living in the complex, as such practices are frowned upon in Japanese culture, where people go home after the sun sets.
[SPECIAL REPORT] Australia refines immigration policy in race for talent
SYDNEY — Sydney’s Chinatown in the central city suburb of Haymarket bustled with visitors on the Sunday before the Moon Festival (also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival) that started in late September this year, as shoppers came to stock up on mooncakes, Chinese pastries that are enjoyed during the holiday celebrating the harvest. Many of these people are also Chinese na...
Can Korea become a thriving country of migrants?
At Sunil Middle School in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, 70 percent of the students have multicultural backgrounds. Students from Russian-speaking countries account for more than 74 percent of those children.
[SPECIAL REPORT] Korean society grows more diverse but still struggles with multicultural integration
ANSAN, Gyeonggi Province - Russian words reverberate through the halls of Sunil Middle School in the city of Ansan in Gyeonggi Province. Not only do students talk to each other in the language, but some classes, such as math, are also taught in Russian, presenting a rare sight in Korea’s highly homogenous society.
Misrepresentation profoundly harmful: 'Pachinko' author Min Jin Lee
Asian representation in America's culture and entertainment sphere has improved in recent years, but acclaimed Korean-American author Min Jin Lee says what matters is accuracy and truth.
Better preparation needed for aging foreign population in Seoul: experts
Seoul needs to prepare better to address the needs of the aging foreign population in the city, experts say. The suggestions come at a time when Korea is grappling with the extremely grave demographic challenges of its fast-aging population.
Korea urged to fix trade deficit with China through diversification, tech competitiveness
Calls are growing for Korea to diversify its trade with countries other than China, after Korea recorded three consecutive months of trade deficits with the world's No. 2 economy.
How can Korea's taxi shortage be resolved?
The shortage of cabs across the country continues to cause inconveniences, and the government and businesses have been struggling to come up with solutions. The dive in the number of operating taxis was driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, which prompted many drivers to leave the taxi-driving business amid a plunge in demand for ride services.
Korean businesses pressure gov't to lower inheritance tax
Korea's inheritance tax rate is drawing attention as business groups have stepped up their calls for the rate to be lowered. Local business groups often cite the fact that Korea's inheritance tax rate is one of the highest among the OECD member states.
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