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Wed, October 4, 2023 | 22:33
New digital facade at Seoul's award-winning design plaza to light up city
Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), an outlandish-looking structure in Seoul that defied orthodox architecture and glimmers like a silver fish, is launching a new projection art for the city's hip fashion sector.
Seoul Metro to launch 'tagless' fare charging system
Seoul Metro, an operator of the city's subway service, is testing a new “tagless” fare-charging electronic system ahead of its official launch planned next year.
Korea to experience sweltering heat until next week
The scorching heat will continue throughout next week with the country's weather watchdog urging people, particularly farmers and other laborers working outdoors, to take precautions against health risks in such heat.
Gyeonggi subway fares to rise following Seoul, Incheon
The basic subway fare in Gyeonggi Province is likely to go up by 150 won ($0.12) starting Oct. 7. The government of Gyeonggi Province said, Friday, it plans to hold a public hearing, Aug. 4, to adjust the fare range of railways subject to the planned hike.
[INTERVIEW] Radioactive contamination scare threatens fishing industry
YEOSU, South Jeolla Province - Fish, shellfish and other marine species in Korean waters cannot be contaminated by the discharge of radioactive water from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant that is likely to begin later this year, the leader of Korea's fishermen's association said.
Aging Seoul to evolve with robot helpers
As Seoul becomes an aging society, the city is running out of working hands while the population is in ever greater need of medical and welfare services. The widening gap in supply and demand for the city's labor force can be offset by the use of robots, the city government has announced.
Seoul facility managers reveal city's best hidden hotspots
Employees of a city-run facility management company in Seoul have released a list of their own recommendations for the capital's best hidden hotspots.
Stabbing in Sillim raises calls for countermeasures
In the wake of a stabbing rampage, in which a 33-year-old man killed one man and injured three others, Friday, there are growing calls for the country's criminal justice system to explore countermeasures for such crimes.
Cash-strapped wage earners give up vacations: survey
A majority of wage earners in Korea cannot afford to take a vacation this summer because of their economic conditions, according to the results of a survey released Sunday.
Torrential rain to continue battering Korea on Monday
Heavy rain is forecast to continue drenching the entire nation on Monday, according to the weather watchdog, Sunday, with more than 100 millimeters of rainfall forecast for some regions. According to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA), torrential rain accompanied by strong wind, lightning and thunder is expected to continue in Seoul and its surrounding areas and th...
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