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Reporter : Ko Dong-hwan
Tue, December 6, 2022 | 19:53
Citizens excited about refurbished Gwanghwamun Square
A woman and her teenage son at the new Gwanghwamun Square were upbeat as they found themselves among hundreds of people there to see the country's symbolic landmark unveiling its new look on Saturday. Despite their face masks, one could see looks of wonder in their eyes. Amid the raging heat wave, they explored a media performance on a building facade in front of Gwanghwamun ...
5-day, spectacle-filled Seoul Festa hopes to boost tourism
Less than a week remains until the city of Seoul launches its first large-scale global festival since the COVID-19 pandemic, which is still seeing waves of coronavirus variants around the world, started in 2020. This time, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is planning various spectacles for the eyes and ears that it hopes will send participating tourists all over the city.
Jail term for unpaid fines too harsh
From time to time, there are hospital patients who get charged with theft of services for attempting to flee without paying for their treatment. In many cases, they evaded payment because they simply didn't have the money to cover the medical fees. When cases like these go to court, those still unable to pay compensation and fines are commonly sentenced to prison terms instea...
Technology to predict cancer reviewed at forum
Early detection has been touted as the easiest way to treat cancer. What if there were technologies that could help predict the likelihood of cancer? Experts gathered at the National Assembly in Seoul, Monday, for a forum aiming to look into a game-changing predictive diagnostic technique against cancer and how it can be applied in today's medical environment.
Korea identifies 2,704 wetland areas for protection
Locations and basic information about all existing wetlands in Korea have been released to the public, Tuesday, in the central government's bid to protect them as ecological reserves
Seoul mayor promotes policies at World Cities Summit in Singapore
In the latest annual summit for the leaders of 90 cities from across the world, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon attended sessions and meetings to introduce some of the city's policies, which he says have improved the quality of Seoulites' lives.
Cases of parents murdering children before killing themselves become social issue
The number of murder-suicides committed by Korean parents against their young children is rising as a tragic new social concern, prompting experts to urge the government to come up with safety nets to protect vulnerable families.
Marine suffers from PTSD after repeated assaults by superior: rights watchdog
A Korean Marine Corps member has been hospitalized after one of his division superiors abused him last month, inflicting a concussion and leaving him with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a civilian watchdog reported Thursday.
Seoul mayor off to Singapore, Ho Chi Minh for World Cities Summit
Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon heads to Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City on Friday for a seven-day trip to strengthen the Korean capital's ties with Southeast Asian cities
Busan named as Baby Shark's official hometown
It has been revealed that Baby Shark, an animated character created by a Korean content firm which swept the world on YouTube in 2016, was born in the waters of Busan. The news is neither a belatedly discovered truth nor a hoax - it's what the city and the character's maker have recently agreed upon to establish as a lasting fact based on their latest business deal.
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