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Reporter : Ko Dong-hwan
Tue, December 6, 2022 | 23:26
Instructors furious over scaling down of gugak in music teacher education
Instructors of “gugak,” traditional Korean music, are up in arms against the country's education ministry, arguing that the authority is letting the music genre perish by prioritizing Western music in the country's official teaching materials for music instructor aspirants.
[Analysis] Yoon faces uphill battle to regain public trust
Times are tough for President Yoon Suk-yeol, who is set to mark his 100th day in office on Wednesday. His approval rating is lower than that of any of his predecessors. He was sworn in as president on May 10 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which entered its third year and dealt a blow to self-employed people, among other victims. The recent flood that ripped through Seoul and its...
Korean 'jang,' Japanese miso soup turn historic animosity into tasty friendship
While maintaining diplomatic ties often proves to be a complicated matter for presidents, ministers and industrial leaders of all nations, the task can be less burdensome and sometimes even joyful on a certain down-to-earth level
Seoul City to retrofit manholes to prevent fatal falls during floods
The Seoul Metropolitan Government has decided to retrofit its manholes in the city with screens after they proved vulnerable to serious flooding during the recent floods earlier this week. The Water Reclamation Planning Division under the city government's Water Circulation Safety Bureau said Friday that they will first retrofit manholes in city areas hit hardest by the sever...
Korean firms asked to consult with indigenous peoples prior to searching for renewable energy resources
A coalition of indigenous peoples around the world has expressed concerns about Korean companies operating globally charging forward with renewable energy initiatives, warning that the processes involved might violate their basic rights to sustaining their lives and protecting their cultural heritage. The message came from Secure Indigenous People's Rights in a Green Economy,...
Hydrogen bus trial service begins in Busan, Ulsan, South Gyeongsang Province megacity
Under the Ministry of Environment's carbon-reduction initiative, the cities of Busan and Ulsan, South Gyeongsang Province and Hyundai Motor Company have agreed to deploy hydrogen buses in the regions' local public transit routes to replace diesel buses.
Han River sunset cruise: Seoul's new tourist focal point
Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, who has been serving again as mayor since the April 2021 by-election, has been pushing ahead with what he feels the nation's capital needs. During his first overseas trip since taking office, to Singapore late last month, Oh visited the Gardens by the Bay, a 101-hectare urban outdoor recreation space. There, struck by the beauty of the sunset in the ci...
Capital region to see additional 300 millimeters of rain until Friday
Record rainfall pounded most of the Seoul metropolitan region on Monday and Tuesday leaving nine people dead and seven others missing. The downpour flooded and destroyed roads and subway stations, triggered landslides, clogged underground water drainage systems, and forced the evacuations of people living in low-lying areas.
Education minister resigns after just over a month in office
Education Minister Park Soon-ae, whose appointment by President Yoon Suk-yeol last July had provoked fierce criticism from all sides for her lack of experience and history of unethical behavior, stepped down Monday. Her resignation came 34 days after she took the helm of the ministry. During a press conference held in Seoul, Park took the blame for the latest controversies su...
Gov't to increase quota for migrant workers
The Ministry of Employment and Labor has taken a step forward to tackle the ongoing labor shortage in the manufacturing sector by opening wider Korea's door for migrant workers. The measure is aimed at filling a total of about 234,000 current vacancies in key local industries like shipbuilding, metal manufacturing, restaurants, retailers, taxi and bus transportation, as well ...
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