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Reporter : Ko Dong-hwan
Fri, October 29, 2021 | 02:51
Golf-related prostitution on rise in Korea
As people are discouraged from large gatherings in person due to new norms of social distancing to prevent the risk of COVID-19 transmission, the public have turned to all manner of online services, even for purchasing sexual services. Prostitution remains a ubiquitous yet illegal service in Korea and online brokers sell services that on the surface appear to be pairing golfi...
Korean satellite Cheollian starts providing real-time air quality information over Asia
A Korean climate observation satellite started providing real-time images of air quality over Asia on Monday based on eight different concentration levels of pollution sources and other particulates. Expectations are rising over the climate watchdog role to be played by “Cheollian Satellite 2B” over the region.
EDGC's latest COVID-19 testing kit attains European CE mark
Eone Diagnomics Genome Center's (EDGC) latest COVID-19 test kit attained the European CE mark on March 15, paving the way for the Korean genetic analysis company to export its product to the continent.
'BTS, BLACKPINK treated like slaves,' North Korean website says
A North Korean news website reported earlier this month that K-pop idols in South Korea were being treated like “slaves” by large companies and living a “miserable life,” raising questions about why the isolated state made such claims.
Construction worker dies after being hit by falling objects from broken crane
A construction worker died Monday after being hit by heavy construction materials and parts of a crane that partially collapsed. The man, a dump truck driver in his 60s, was at the construction site for new villa apartments in southern Seoul, when the crane's load arm broke and fell with the load it was carrying, according to local new reports.
Defense ministry, police buy 12,000 uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles
In a bid to boost the use of innovative products made of recycled materials, the Ministry of National Defense and the National Police Agency (NPA) have agreed to purchase 12,000 new clothing items made from transparent plastic bottles.The deal, signed March 15, was jointly made by the ministries of the environment and national defense, as well as the NPA and the Korea Federat...
Korean language schools in Incheon shut doors as pandemic limits foreign student access
An increasing number of Korean language schools in Incheon are closing as social distancing rules for the COVID-19 pandemic have deterred people from taking classes. The dip in student enrollments comes as schools across the country ceased outdoor activities teaching Korean culture and traditions and shifted all lessons online to comply with the government's measures aimed at...
Global sports ambassadors inspire gender equality, female leadership at World Taekwondo forum
World Taekwondo's (WT) gender equity and women's leadership forum ended with global sports ambassadors all calling for more roles and opportunities for women in all fields of athletics.
Abuser asks for leniency after causing death of disabled sister
A man found guilty of abusing his disabled sister, which led to her death, faces a verdict from an appellate court later this month. The man, 39, was sentenced to five years in prison last year for causing the death of his intellectually disabled sister by repeatedly abusing her at their home in Cheonan. At Wednesday's hearing ahead of the ruling by the Daejeon High Court on ...
Dinosaur claw from Koreaceratops found in Ansan
Ansan city government said on Wednesday it has reported to Korea's heritage authority about a dinosaur fossil discovered on an island under the city's jurisdiction a month ago.
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