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Reporter : Ko Dong-hwan
Wed, October 4, 2023 | 19:43
Korea's typhoon center navigates storm predictions with more precision
SEOGWIPO, Jeju Island - As Typhoon Khanun loomed over the Korean Peninsula on Aug. 10, the mood at the National Typhoon Center on Jeju Island was a mixture of tension and excitement.
Seoul's 2,000-year history now available in English on YouTube
For those interested in the history of Korea's modern capital city, a Seoul Metropolitan Government agency has launched a new audiobook series in English on YouTube. Covering the city's 2,000-year-long history ranging from prehistoric times to the present, the series is divided into 10 parts with a new episode uploaded every two weeks to take listeners on a time-traveling adv...
Seoul's smart watch healthcare program expands to 220,000 citizens
The Seoul city government on Monday began pooling participants for a smart watch-based healthcare monitoring service. This year, the city aims to enroll 220,000 participants, making it the largest group since the program's inception.
Mayors worldwide to promote their cities at Seoul summit
Mayors and business leaders from around the world will gather in Seoul in September for a global summit to discuss creating more livable and sustainable cities.
Oct. 2 could be designated as temporary holiday
The presidential office said Friday it is considering designating Oct. 2 as an extra holiday so that citizens can enjoy a long vacation that lasts almost a week.
Seoul appoints 16 outstanding citizens as 'honorary mayors'
The Seoul Metropolitan Government on Friday appointed 16 citizens as “honorary mayors” who will represent local citizens by recommending policy ideas to the city government for one year.
Court tells alpine club to pay for search operations for renowned missing climber
Kim Hong-bin, a fingerless mountaineer who went missing after climbing Broad Peak in the Himalayas in 2021 to become the world's first disabled person to scale all 14 Himalayan peaks of 8,000 meters or greater in height, inspired people so much that they voted for him to be declared a national sports hero posthumously later that year.
Justice ministry operation nabs 11,000 illegal immigrants
A joint force from the central government has apprehended over 11,000 illegal immigrants in the latest nationwide crackdown, with a large number ordered to leave the country.
Mount Acha moonlight trekking offers temporary escape from urban bustle
Breathing inside a metropolis of concrete, traffic and countless strangers can be unbearable to some Seoulites, especially during summer.
Gyeonggi to inject $2.3 billion into forest projects to absorb carbon emissions
The government of Gyeonggi Province is set to invest 3.1 trillion won ($2.3 billion) in reducing local carbon emissions by turning more regions within its jurisdiction into wooded areas and building a new data center to better monitor the province's power grid.
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