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Reporter : Ko Dong-hwan
Mon, August 15, 2022 | 07:19
Advisory group to interior ministry suggests direct control of police
An advisory group to the Ministry of the Interior and Safety has released a set of guidelines that orders launching a new subdivision to control the country's police force directly, stunning law enforcement officials.
Mayor pledges to make Seoul into haven for businesses
Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon has once again clarified his vision that the city will be a haven for companies and a nurturer of the workforce they need.
Korea kicks off diplomacy to win bid to host World Expo 2030
The central and local governments and the private sector have teamed up to win the bid to host the 2030 EXPO in Korea's southern port city of Busan. Prime Minister Han Duck-soo and Busan Mayor Park Hyeong-joon will fly to Paris on Saturday to promote Busan as the ideal city to host the event. Korea is competing with Italy and Saudi Arabia in the bid. SK Group Chairman Chey Ta...
President's longtime friend appointed as presidential committee chief
Kim Han-gil, who supported Yoon Suk-yeol during his presidential campaign, has been appointed as the head of a presidential committee encouraging the consolidation of the public that remains deeply divided between supporters of the two main parties.
Seoul gov't criticized for discriminating against queer culture festival
The 23rd Seoul Queer Cultural Festival - an annual festival for LGBTQ rights and representation - is set to take place in front of the Seoul City Hall in July following two years of being held online. But despite the return of the outdoor gathering, there is a growing outcry from supporters that the Seoul Metropolitan Government put certain unprecedented limitations on the fe...
Sealing off manholes, septic tank shafts keeps mosquitoes away: research
Putting aside nasty pesticides, researchers in Seoul have concluded that one of the most effective ways to keep mosquitoes at bay is simple enough.
Seoul world's 10th best city for startups: survey
A survey by a U.S. think-tank has named Seoul as the world's 10th best city for startups. The survey results are based on a comparison of 280 cities in 100 countries.
SK E&S' partner firm in Australia faces legal dispute over gas drilling project
Korean energy firm SK E&S' drilling project in Australia is facing a hurdle, as its partner company there has become embroiled in a legal dispute surrounding the development. Indigenous Australians in the northern Tiwi Islands have challenged the country's environmental regulator for allowing Santos, an Australian energy firm and the partner of SK E&S in the planned project a...
Ex-spy agency chief's motives behind remarks on classified files questioned
The country's former spy agency chief Park Jie-won has found himself at the center of controversy after he publicly disclosed the agency has been secretly compiling secret dossiers on politicians, entrepreneurs and journalists. Experts were divided over whether Park made the remarks as a political gambit for personal gain or a whistleblowing effort to stop the agency from fur...
Praises and concerns for Yoon one month after inauguration
One month has passed since Yoon Suk-yeol was inaugurated as the country's president and there is already a number of achievements and significant political footsteps observers have used to assess his fledging administration. The overall evaluation is that there have been some definite achievements, while Yoon still faces monumental tasks. The president did not get off a smoot...
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