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Reporter : Ko Dong-hwan
Tue, December 7, 2021 | 15:38
59 taxi, bus, delivery operators in Korea vow full move to carbon-free vehicles by 2030
Fifty-nine taxi, bus and logistics operators in Korea have joined a local business group that agreed to change all their service automobiles to carbon-free vehicles by 2030 in an eco-friendly initiative led by the government.
Korea's 300 million tree harvest plan to reduce carbon emission irks activists
A major plan by Korea's state forest watchdog to harvest trees in order to meet the country's goal of completely eradicating local carbon emissions by 2050 has drawn criticism from environmental activists, who say the plan is near-sighted and puts the country's long-conserved forests at risk. The Korea Forest Service (KFS) announced on Jan. 20 that it will cut down 300 millio...
70 BMW electric cars without plates parked in Jeju forest
Around 70 BMW electric cars (EVs) are been parked in the middle of a forest on Jeju Island, arousing the curiosity of observers. The photo was taken on May 25 showing a field next to a road on a mountain in Goseong in the Awol District of Jeju City in the northern half of the southern resort island. Most of the i3 compacts were seemingly intact, except for some flat tires.
Seasonal monitoring policy improves air quality: gov't
The government's seasonal monitoring of air quality has proven to be more effective this year than last, prompting the authorities to believe the fledging initiative could play a vital role in keeping the air clean.
Celebrating Buddha's Birthday [PHOTOS]
People on Wednesday stroll under Jogyesa adorned with hundreds of lotus lanterns in Seoul's Jongno District, a Buddhist temple following the doctrine of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, as Korea celebrates Buddha's Birthday.
EDGC to export prenatal DNA testing service to Pakistan
Eone Diagnomics Genome Center (EDGC) has sold its prenatal DNA testing service to a hospital in Pakistan, raising hopes there that more pregnant women will be able to receive information on fetal health more conveniently.
'Fast and Furious 9' trailer played on 6 giant screens wows fans in Seoul
Upcoming Hollywood action film “Fast and Furious 9” is raising expectations from many fans in Seoul in a spectacular fashion, as its trailer was shown simultaneously on six giant digital screens in the city's busy streets. The screens were installed on top of buildings towering over a major intersection near Samseong Station in Seoul's Gangnam District, one of the city's most...
Solar panel construction turns stream blue in Bonghwa
A stream in Bonghwa County, North Gyeongsang Province, has turned blue after fluid from a nearby photovoltaic power station construction site upstream leaked into it, angering local residents. It was first discovered on May 7 by residents of Hyundong, a village in the county's Jaesan Township, according to local reports. Chosun Ilbo, citing one of the witnesses, said the stre...
INGINE attracts $3.55 million investment from Korea Development Bank
Korean state-owned policy development bank, Korea Development Bank (KDB), has invested 4 billion won ($3.55 million) in INGINE, a wave power generation system developer.
Conifer trees are dispersing pollen earlier due to climate change
Conifer trees in Korea today are beginning to disperse pollen earlier, compared to 10 years ago, according to the Korea Forest Service. The government forest research agency said Monday that the country's four most common conifer trees - Korean red pines, Korean nut pines, Korean firs and spreading yews - have begun dispersing pollen several days earlier during the past three...
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